Wario Land Wario Land 2 - Enhanced Graphics 1.1.5

Fixes and enhances various graphics in Wario Land 2

  1. Weario
    This Patch will enhance the graphics of the Gameboy Color version of Wario Land 2:
    • Fixes graphical errors on Wario and many enemies.
    • Enhances Wario’s colors to resemble Wario Land 3’s color pattern
    • Bonus: Penguin enemies now hold beer like the Japanese uncensored version! (as opposed to ‘crazy balls’)
    • Bonus: This hack also fixes the inaccessible four 10 Gold Coins in the “Hold on to the Owl” level by changing the solid wall to breakable!
    Credit goes to ShyGuyXXL for updating the graphics on Wario’s portrait located in the first room of the first level!

    The download contains a zip including the IPS patch, a tool to patch it to your Wario Land 2 rom, and a readme file.


    1. 2990screenshot1.png
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    4. bgb00263.png

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  1. 77ɒmɘЯʜƨyƨɒixnoM
    Version: 1.1.2
    Looks Nice!