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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BooDestroyer, May 4, 2017.

  1. Youtube comments can be really memey, too. Go onto a popular youtuber's video, take for example Game Grumps, and you'll find people constantly spewing outdated and overused memes in the comments with thousands of likes. I guarantee you you will never be able to find any sort of quality discussion on one of their videos, period. Of course, then there's the incredibly unhinged and edgy people who spew those insults. Stuff like that is why I avoid any popular youtubers.
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    Of course, there are also some very good comment sections on YouTube, even on channels that have got quite some followers. Tom Scott and Andrew Huang come to mind.
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    Yeah, many are indeed much more friendly. But some channels seem to attract more scum than others.
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    I used to be active on a forum (which I won't name for now) in which I was a victim of favorism by another moderator. The results were that my comments were hidden or my threads were locked. Appearantly, you were not allowed to post constructive critism on there. Aside for this forum here I am not much of a forum user anymore, I am an active redditor now. I like it better there, since the top comments feel much more mature. I feel that the better comments on there get the most votes.
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    It is quite often that mods and admins can play favorites with certain members. I seemed to have come across it on a couple other boards.
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    I know how that goes all too well. If you dared to speak out against it, the mods would go after you and try to defend themselves.

    I'm on one such forum. The only reason I'm still there is the friends I made there. They leave, I leave with them. I've been keeping touch with them on Discord anyeay.

    I've also seen some of the worst human beings I had the displeasure of bumping into there, as well. I'd rather not go into more detail than that.
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    Why are they still part of staff, if that's the case? Doesn't anyone report them?
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    Do Amino apps count? You see back when people gave two korok seeds about Pokémon Amino i used it and everyone i see is a perverted teenager. Not that i am in a position to judge It gets kinda annoying that every conversation i find myself in is people sharing lewd Gardevoir pics and its ruining my childhood! EUGH!!!

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