Do we actually know who all the voice actors are for the WarioWare series?

Discussion in 'WarioWare' started by CM30, Mar 12, 2018 at 10:01 PM.

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    Okay, I know the following ones are confirmed by Mario Wiki:

    • Wario: Charles Martinet (you probably figured that out)
    • Mona: Leslie Swan
    • Jimmy T, Dribble: Tom Eberspecher
    • Kat and Ana: Leslie Swan, Sara Rades
    • Ashley: Christina Peyser (think this changed after WarioWare Touched)
    • Dr Crygor, Orbulon: Tim O'Leary
    • 9-Volt: Reiko Ninomiya
    • Young Cricket: Aaron Lundquist

    But what about the others? Who voices Spitz, 18-Volt, Penny Crygor, Master Mantis, etc? Did some of these voice actors and actresses change over time? Cause I definitely recall someone saying Ashley sounds different after WarioWare Touched or so.

    And who does Nate Bihldorff voice anyway? Everyone knows he voices the Shy Guys in the Mario series, but he's also credited on a couple of WarioWare games too, and there aren't any Shy Guys in those...

    Any ideas?
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    Said this in the other thread but I'm pretty sure the original English version of Ashley's song was sung by someone else.
  3. Glowsquid

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    soemone speculated this on the mariowiki forum

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    We need to get down to the bottom of this just like those BTVA guys figured out the mystery of the Star Fox 64 crew.
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    A ton of the voices sounded very different to me after WW: Touched. And I don't think it's just because of the sound quality...
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