Is Rhythm Heaven "killing" WarioWare?

Discussion in 'WarioWare' started by Dumribble, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Dumribble

    Dumribble The Post Raterâ„¢

    As everyone knows, it's a successful series made by the same awesome dudes who made WarioWare. The games have a very similar premise to WarioWare, and the series's rise to glory coincides with WarioWare's decline... and as we know, Game&Wario drew strong influences from it.

    Are we gonna be like those extreme Wario Landers who blame WarioWare for the lack of new Wario Land games?
  2. Glowsquid

    Glowsquid Mental midget

    I've seen some people claim that, and they're wrong. Poor brand management, an unwillingness to make games that didn't exist solely to demo new forms of input, and unfortunate busisness realities killed WarioWare : p.

    Personally I'm glad there's still something so similar to it.
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  3. OriginalName244
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    OriginalName244 Kawaii <3 xDDD

    So, Wario is stuck in Spinoff Limbo with his buddy Waluigi now?
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  4. ShyGuyXXL

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    You know what's weird? Rhythm Heaven doesn't seem to need new gimmicks. They just make new games with new songs and stages.
    Wario Ware could do the same! Come on, just make another button-based Wario Ware! With multipayer modes like Mega Party Game$!!!
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  5. CM30

    CM30 Administrator Staff Member


    That's Nintendo's problem in general. They seem to have forgotten that 'gimmicks' and 'tech' doesn't make a game. That you don't NEED new technology to come up with 'interesting' games and ideas.
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  6. Melluh

    Melluh lil huf

    Nintendo in general seems to do whatever the fuck it wants with a game and then blame the poor sales on it instead of their own terrible decisions. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rythm Heaven/Wario Ware crossover sells super well and they conclude they should kill Ware just because Game&Wario (made by tHE SAME DUDES) wasn't too good. I could be mistaken, but this... self-savotaging in order to justify their terrible decisions really does seem like a thing.

    I was also under the impression that the first two Wares were made by Nintendo R&D1 as opposed to Nintendo SPD who's responsible for Rythm Heaven, and that it somehow could mean that they couldn't possibly absorb the Ware cast into a different franchise by a different team, but... nyeh, I ain't trusting Ninty with making decent games for the time being. They'll probably go with anything that sells... or anything they WANT to sell, better said :c
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  7. Glowsquid

    Glowsquid Mental midget

    Nintendo SPD 1 is the successor to R&D 1. The latter hasn't existed since 2004 : p.
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  8. I.M.Gibbon

    I.M.Gibbon Wario Fan Supreme

    I think at this point we've moved beyond "killing" to "knows where the body is buried and will take that secret to the grave"
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  9. Garbon

    Garbon Really wants a new WarioLand game.

    I wouldn't say killing. It's more overshadowing, like other Nintendo games do to the WarioLand games.
  10. I.M.Gibbon

    I.M.Gibbon Wario Fan Supreme

    Is it really "overshadowing" if it's been a full decade since the last WarioLand and almost as long since the last proper WarioWare? I mean, yeah, there was Game & Wario (a mear half decade ago), but that's been it. That's the only Wario-branded game since 2009. Whereas in that time Tengoku has gotten Fever and Megamix. Which isn't much, but it's better than what Wario's gotten... I mean, it's a sad state of affairs when the highest profile Wario-related release in the last decade was Psycho Waluigi...
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  11. ShyGuyXXL

    ShyGuyXXL Harbinger of binge sminge Staff Member


    I don't see why Rhythm, Ware and Land can't peacefully coexist alongside each other. :S<:[:
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  12. warelander

    warelander Hope Rides Alone

    I don't get this mentality that these series are in some sort of direct competition with each other, it's the same thing as when people say that Ware killed the Land series and I never understood that either.
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  13. Koopaul

    Koopaul Yes. I'm that Koopaul.

    No. The Wario brand probably isn't doing that well and Nintendo has mishandled it the past couple of times.

    I will say this. Ko Takeuchi should stay away from it. I love the man but his style does not belong in a Wario game.
  14. BooDestroyer

    BooDestroyer Treasure Collector Extraordinaire

    Even if another art director takes over, they'd still be expected to have some of these characters drawn in the Game & Wario style.
  15. Koopaul

    Koopaul Yes. I'm that Koopaul.

    What makes you say that? Game & Wario is one game. One game no one played, remembered, or even liked that much.

    Based on what do you think they will stick to that one particular game?

    If Nintendo was smart, they'd do a soft reboot of the Wario Ware series and get back to the basics but still new like Donkey Kong Country Returns.
  16. ShyGuyXXL

    ShyGuyXXL Harbinger of binge sminge Staff Member


    Imagine a game like Mega Party Game$ on the Switch. It has 2 controllers built in, so you could easily play with at least one friend anywhere, anytime.
    WarioWare controls are really simple, of course, so you only need the control stick and one button.
    It's the perfect pick up and play game.
    Even if it was just a port/remake/remaster, it would still be great. That game was pretty overlooked, despite being so fun.

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