Is Wario Land 4 one of the best introductions to gaming out there?

Discussion in 'Wario Land' started by CM30, May 18, 2017.

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    A weird question I know. But think about it. If you've never played a video game before in your life, which one would be the introduction to the medium?

    Well, I'd say a really simple one with easy to understand mechanics and a low level of difficulty. And Wario Land 4 is pretty much that in a nutshell.

    Think about it. You've got the intro passage, which is designed specifically so the path forward is as obvious as possible. It's then got extra help on the wall behind that, complete with animated pictures showing Mr Game & Watch doing the correct action for the room with the very buttons you use animated alongside it.

    And as far as the level design goes, Wario Land 4 is perhaps the nicest, most merciful platformer you can imagine. There are no bottomless pits. You can never get stuck and forced to exit the level. Nothing ever kills you in one hit. Your health bar is so massive that actually dying to the normal monsters is virtually impossible. Basically, this is a 2D platformer even a 3 year old could probably complete without too much trouble.

    As a result, I think it's pretty much the perfect introduction to games for someone who's never played them before. But what do you think? Is this game a really good intro to video games for people without much experience in the medium?
  2. Well, when I first played it, I had trouble understanding the R-dash mechanic. Sure, the instructions are there on screen, but it wasn't obvious enough how to do it (it's not clear that you need to HOLD the button, and build up speed to charge it).
    But afterwards, I don't remember having much trouble.
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    Wait, what? Even on Normal mode, I don't recall this being true. You start out with 5 hearts, right? That's not that massive...
    Also, the exploration aspect might be difficult for a beginner. But most of the mandatory 'secrets' were pretty easy to find on Normal mode.
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    Honestly I think WL2 would be a much better choice, as the removal of death forces the player to experiment and find what works without having to worry about being sent back to the start.
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    I'd say Wario Land: Shake it made it better.

    And it explains why they consider Wario a bastardized Mario.
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    Its a good introduction to WarioLand but not a start to platforming, though its a good one for someone with minimal platforming experience, sorta something like

    SML2 then WLSML3 then WL4 then WL2 then WL3 then Metroid.

    VERY abridged version of my idea but that's the general idea.
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    I'd say Wario Land 1 is

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