Just interviewed Wario Land Shake It Composer Tomoya Tomita!

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    Well, it's finally done. It was a difficult article to edit, for various reasons, but now it's finally live on the Gaming Reinvented website.

    So what's interesting here? Well, I'd say the following:

    1. In Wario Land Shake It, there weren't actually two composers. Tomoya did everything except three songs that Nintendo sent over to him. Coincidentally, these happened to be the songs either composed before the game was released (Stonecarving City) or based on songs from other Wario games (Glittertown).

    2. Something similar happened with Kirby's Epic Yarn. HAL sent over the Kirby remixes near the end of the development when it was retooled into a Kirby game rather than a Prince Fluff one. Honestly, I didn't even suspect there were technically multiple composers there.

    3. He really seems like to like modern triple A games, with mentions of Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn and Half-Life being brought up in the interview.

    4. New songs from Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World had different composer, though he did work on the sound effects (as far as I can tell from the interview). The 3DS console limits meant stuff had to be toned down there.

    5. He's currently working on a music project with some artists in the UK.

    But hey, what do you think? Do you like the interview? Feel there's anything that I should have improved there?
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    Great interview. Sad to hear guy isn't getting steady work.
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    Well look on the bright side. This interview was actually recorded about a week or so ago. Since then, I've told a few indie devs I've worked with before to consider hiring him for their games, as well as gotten PushDustIn at Source Gaming to mention it to their contacts too.

    So there's the possibility one of those may have panned out. No one can know for sure yet, but the possibility exists that he's now working on a major indie game.
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