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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Kyle, May 18, 2017.

  1. Kyle

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    I don't know if anyone else here is interested but seeing the direct today got me super hyped up for ARMS, Nintendo's newest IP for the Switch. I can honestly see this game going the exact same route as Splatoon with its unique take on a well-established genre being surprisingly fun and addictive. Anyone else have any thoughts they want to share?
  2. I really love when Nintendo dabbles in new IP's. Splatoon is one of my favourite games period, and even though I don't have a switch I'm really excited for Arms as well. I can't personally say that I've ever wondered what would happen if you glued couch springs and flaming boxing gloves to some kids, but I'm glad Nintendo is realizing that dream for us! I have a feeling it's going to do super well based on the Testpunches, art contest and staggered updates... literally exactly how Nintendo marketed Splatoon. If it ain't broke, don't fix it I guess, haha.
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  3. 607
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    It will be interesting to see how much attention it will continue to get. d:)
  4. TB100

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    When I first saw Arms back at the presentation, my reaction was kinda on the meh side as it looked okay, nothing special or anything, it looked fun, but there was nothing particularly interesting about it, however as I saw more and more of the game, I became a lot more interested and intrigued about this game and how it's going to turn out, and now after the direct yesterday, I will go ahead and say I am very hyped for this game now,
    It's just hitting most of the right spots for me, memorable and very charming characters, (Mechanica and Mummy Man are probably my favorites of the bunch and what i'll most likely end up using.)
    Amazing looking visuals, fucking incredible music,
    All the fun extra modes, (Hoops specifically gets a special mention just for how silly it is.) The neat looking arms you can get and unlock, the free stuff coming out afterwards, (Ala Splatoon, it's gonna have more content for free after the game is released.) Seriously this game has come a long way since it's reveal.
    hell as soon as the direct was over, I pre ordered a copy immediately. That's how excited I am now, It managed to suck me in due to it's silly charm, fun and just it's overall uniqueness, and I can't wait to play the test punch next week to try it out, And I can't wait to the play the game when it comes out.

    It's funny how what I originally thought was simply a okay game when it was first revealed is now one of my most anticipated games on the Switch.
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  5. BooDestroyer

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    Dear this guy,

    Please be Spring Man's dad.

    Boo Destroyer
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  6. The 666th Wario Brother

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    It looks good and all but it seriously makes me want another Punch-Out even though they aren't the same kind of game. At first i thought i was interested in ARMS but my interest in it waned over time.
  7. Koopaul

    Koopaul Yes. I'm that Koopaul.

    Hm? I'm more interested in it now than I ever was.
  8. BooDestroyer

    BooDestroyer Treasure Collector Extraordinaire

    So they say there will be more fighters in updates. A cowboy/cowgirl with whip arms, and a revolver as one of their weapons?
  9. Kyle

    Kyle Gamer

    Probably, I'm more sold on the fact that post-launch fighters and maps will come free after buying the game.
  10. The 666th Wario Brother

    The 666th Wario Brother Worlds greatest treasure hunter. Diamond City Insider


    My interest in ARMS is back, Pintelle has an amazing ass so i play it for dat ass.
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  11. TB100

    TB100 The Blue Blur

    Time for me to revive this thread to talk about my thoughts on ARMS

    Now let's get this out of the way and I talked about this on the "games that everyone likes that I don't care for" thread, but I am not a fighting games guy, I was never really into the fighting genre and outside of Smash Bros, I don't really get into it. So it's saying something that I

    Fucking loved ARMS

    Almost everything about it is a home run for me.
    The presentation, the music, the gameplay, everything about it for me is just great.
    The characters are extremely memorable and unique with not one looking the same (I'm a mechanica main BTW.) The gameplay is easy to pick up, but hard to master (Which is something I like.) The motion controls are actually some of the best that I've used in any game, as they are extremely responsive and I never once had a problem with it.

    My only real con however is that single player is pretty lacking as a whole.
    There's no real story mode or anything (Even though it's a staple in fighting games.)
    Instead it's very similar to classic and adventure mode in Smash where you fight the various characters one on one and then face off a boss at the end.

    It's not a bad thing or anything, but when you have characters like these.
    You kind of wish they did more with them then they did.
    Especially since they have personalities and backstories and shit.
    But it looks like they're taking the overwatch route with this game. (By having the lore outside of the game.) And if that's the case, then cool.

    The real meat with ARMS though lies in the multiplayer.
    This is where I feel like ARMS really shines through
    As I probably spent more time playing ARMS via the Multiplayer modes then any other mode.
    Seriously this game is addicting when you really get into it and it's just plain ol fun beating the shit out of people. (The presentation definitely adds to this feeling.)

    And with new free content coming along ala Splatoon featuring new fighters and features.

    ARMs is certainly a worthwhile game in my opinion.
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  12. TB100

    TB100 The Blue Blur

    Oh yeah and apologies for double posting, but i'll go ahead and put this up.

    New fighter confirmed awhile ago and she has a candy/clown theme going on.
    Very charming looking character and i'm interested in seeing how she plays out once she's released.
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