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Discussion in 'Wario Fan Works' started by Lochy, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Lochy

    Lochy Gamer

    I do a good bit of drawing and hope to eventually become an animator when I get a bit older. I thought, "Hey, why not start an art topic?" I plan on making most of the art Wario related. But don't be surprised if I post something else sometimes. To start the topic off strong, here is a Wario I sketched and then later digitally drawed over with my phone.

    Any suggestions of which Wario series character I should draw next?
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  2. Metal

    Metal Trachea Collapser


    Draw Ironsider

  3. TB100

    TB100 The Blue Blur

    I like it.
    Very stylistic and cartoony
    Nicely done.
    And BTW, welcome to our Wario Shrine! THE WARIO FORUMS!!!!!!!!

    As for which character you should do next?
    I'll choose Captain Syrup either in her Classic blue and yellow outfit.
    Or in her modern pink and purple outfit
    Your choice.
  4. Just a Wario fan

    Just a Wario fan Critical yet optimistic


    Nice! You should post some of it in the general Wario-realted ¨Fan Art!¨ thread. It would be a great place for more Wario artworks.
  5. The 3rd Wario Brother

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    Pretty nice, i can imagine a few Wario games old in that style. A bit jolly but it captures the old Wario essence since the old Wario art had a certain crude yet cleanness to it.
  6. CM30

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    Oh wow, those are some pretty nice pieces of fan art! Remind me a tad of how characters were drawn in old Disney cartoons or something.

    Either way, you should definitely post them in the WarioWare fan art topic as well!

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