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Which Nintendo movie would you like to see?

  1. Super Mario

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  2. Metroid

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  3. The Legend of Zelda

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  4. Luigi's mansion

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  5. Splatoon

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  6. fire emblem

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  7. Wario Land

    4 vote(s)
  8. kid icarus

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  9. Other

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  1. King Hehehe

    King Hehehe Kingpin of Coinage


    Discounting the other space marines that nobody likes so much, there's basically just Samus, Ridley, Mother Brain and other space pirates, and some more animalistic aliens.
  2. Magma

    Magma To get rich is glorious


    I could see it somewhat if Samus is somehow not the main character but then I wonder what would be the point.
  3. Metal

    Metal Trachea Collapser


    Smash bros movie should be people getting angry at losing to smash as they end up beating each other up after they finish the game.

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  4. King Hehehe

    King Hehehe Kingpin of Coinage


    Yeah, I suppose it wouldn't be the most plot-heavy movie. Fire Emblem is also a decent pick, I guess. A lot more of a varied cast to work with, and a plot already decently set out to work with and expand on.
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  5. Mario123311

    Mario123311 Wario Fan Supreme

    Animal Crossing actually had a movie and it was honestly really enjoyable... And cute.

    I'd love a sequel based on New Leaf.
  6. Behonkiss

    Behonkiss Wario Fan Supreme

    Fire Emblem would work better as a TV series. There are so many characters in each game that they'd have to omit or shortchange a lot of fan favorites in a movie.

    Mario seems likely (And could feasibly work as a lighthearted animated flick so long as they have a solid script behind it), and a well-done adaptation of Ocarina of Time would make me giddy. I'd also love a Donkey Kong Country movie, as the only shot that franchise ever got at animation turned out more infamous than beloved. Metroid would be cool in theory, but I feel that it's very unlikely that studios would allow for a movie where Samus is alone for most of it, so we might end up with something like Other M.
  7. Metal

    Metal Trachea Collapser


    There has also been OVA's about Fire Emblem as well so that wouldn't be too bad.
    Wouldn't mind it if a good producer was behind it is all much like the F-zero anime.

  8. The 3rd Wario Brother

    The 3rd Wario Brother Worlds greatest treasure hunter. Diamond City Insider


    I'd like to see a series of WarioLand movies parodying Indiana Jones since he's a treasure hunter.
    In fact, Wario is greedy so let's do cash grabs.
    We got WarioLand so then we could do.
    WarioLand: TheMovie
    WarioLand: The movie the game (hows that for a WarioLand comeback, pretty bad actually)
    WarioLand: The movie the game the movie
    WarioLand: the movie the game the movie the game.
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  9. Santa Waus (aka JaWF)

    Santa Waus (aka JaWF) The guy who wants to know everyting


    Wario would be a great movie protagonist. He is funny, adventurous, and a bit rude and selfish but still nice enough to be liked by the audience.
    There could be a film about one or more of his games, maybe with some focus on WarioWare too, or a brand new adventure that hasn't been seen in any of the games yet. Even an ¨alternate universe Wario¨ could be possible.

    I also wanna see a move based on Luigi's Mansion, in the form of a parody on the ¨haunted house¨ horror movie subgenre, much like how the game itself is essentially a stealth parody of the Survival Horror video game genre.
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  10. Metal

    Metal Trachea Collapser


    We need a Mario based movie around Yoshi's Safari, I want to see Mayreo blow a cap in the koopalings asses Ice Cube style.

  11. Koopaul

    Koopaul Yes. I'm that Koopaul.

    Pretty much any Nintendo franchise can be made into a movie. You just need to know what kind of movie it needs to be.

    Super Mario needs to be an animated family movie on par with what you might see Disney put out. Right balance of comedy, adventure, and heartwarming.
    Something like Star Fox could easily be done in the style of Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy. All the character would have to be animated of course but it can look realistic.
    Metroid could be the darkest and creepiest of the Nintendo movies. Use Alien & Aliens as an inspiration... oh wait it already is. This movie is one of the few that can be done with real life actors.
    F-Zero could even be a movie. Since the characters are over the top the movie can be too. Fast & the Furious series and Heavy Metal can be the inspiration.

    Zelda I'm still debating whether it would be better animated or real life. Honestly I think a Miyazaki style movie would be best for Zelda.
  12. CM30

    CM30 Administrator Staff Member


    Oh god, a Luigi's Mansion horror movie parody would be pretty awesome. Might be one of the few parody movies that doesn't resort to the kind of tired jokes found in the Seltzer and Friedberg level garbage you saw a while back.
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