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    Honestly, I'm still SHOCKED that a Puyo anime of all things STILL hasn't been tried for all these years. I mean, considering the opening intros to both Puyo Puyo SUN AND ESPECIALLY Puyo Puyo~n, you'd sort of expect Compile would make an OVA at the very least. BTW, I'm not exactly counting the DiscStation shorts.

    Yeah, that just about sums up how I pictured Ms. Accord to sound in English overall. It's practically perfect for her.

    I KNOW, RIGHT?? Who would have thought Ecolo had a cute vulnerable side to him? And if I may add, this little comic helped remind me why Ms. Accord is one of my favorite Puyo characters. If someone like her can be THAT sweet to a hyperactive wacko like Ecolo and be patient (for the most part) with Satan's hare-brained schemes, I can greatly admire someone like that, personally.

    You know, now that you mention it, I can't believe that Ringo hasn't been seen interacting with that thing so far. If nothing else, I'd think that 20th Anniversary would be the one time you 'd TOTALLY expect her to notice it. Heck, she's the first opponent in Sig's story in 20th Anniversary, and I don't think it showed up even once when they were talking to each other.

    BTW, can I just bring up how funny it is when Schezo calls out Ringo on her ability to handle ghost-like beings like Ecolo, yet outright ghosts like Yu & Rei terrify the living daylights out of her in the "Satan and Ecolo's Amusement Park" Light Novel?
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    It didn't and it's kinda odd how some of Sig's anomalies get almost no mention from other characters, like his waggling hair antenna, which nobody ever takes note of, outside of Fever 2, where it's a minor running gag of Sig's WakuWaku Course, in the sense that three characters have their own reactions to it:

    Oniko falls in love with him over it, starting the one sided conflict between Sig and Onion Pixy.

    Rider/Lidelle attempts to ask Sig about it and he confuses it for a challenge to a Puyo match.

    And Arle is just so captivated by it that she keeps staring at Sig for a bit, until he snaps her out of it, prompting her to give a slightly embarrased reaction. He's dreamy, ain't he Arle?

    It still happens in his animations from time to time, but nobody comments on it anymore, which is a little odd.

    As rare as they are I do like those little moments where Schezo can play the straight man for a bit, instead of him always exclusively being an utter assclown.
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    All things about Sig that I'm honestly SHOCKED that RINGO of all people has NOT commented upon. As a matter of fact, the only odd things about Sig that Ringo HAS commented upon is his left hand and arm, and his unusual adoration for bugs (the latter of which, if you ask me, is the LEAST weirdest thing about the guy in my opinion). Seriously, I just find it find of...baffling, considering how long Ringo has been in the series and known Sig no less.

    Same here, pal. Same here.

    Speaking of which, I have some Compile-era Puyo comic scans I wanted to post here that appear to have been released during TotM AND Puyo Puyo SUN's releases. REALLY wish I knew what they were saying, but this is in KOREAN, rather than Japanese.


    And for this last scan...that's right. Something I never knew I wanted to see. That's right, courtesy of Witch, it's.....HUMAN CARBUNCLE!!! Honestly, he doesn't look as weird as I predicted...Kind of adorable actually! From the looks of things though, he can still only speak with "Guu!"
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    Speaking of which, another thing about Sig, that unlike his other anomalies, seems to have been outright dropped nowadays is how his hair antenna just grows back in an instand whenever it falls off, he actually gives you one in Fever 2 as his summon item and his losing sprite in Fever 2-PP7 shows several antennas just fall off his head like that, I always wondered what was up with that.
    Ringo as she brings it to it's logical extreme.

    Huh, doesn't look as weird as it could have indeed.
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    Oh, wow! Those were his hair antennae?? Seriously, I've always wondered what that stuff falling off his head in his losing animations were. I always thought it might be his hair, but then I thought that no one's hair comes off THAT easily. This being said, knowing Sig, I can't say I'd be all that surprised if this was to be some kind of reference to...SOME sort of bug species which loses some sort of appendage and then it regrows.

    Oh, speaking of Sig, I got something for you...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Not even going to lie...I actually want to see this in SOME sort of recent Puyo media one day. Possibly Quest, if anything.

    BTW, I have a question for you. Have you noticed that Ringo mentions just about every Fever-era character by name in PPT, but she doesn't mention ANYONE from the Madou-era (with the sole exception of Satan/Dark Prince) by name? I know this is kind of nitpicky, but I was wondering if you noticed it. Do you think Arle hasn't gotten her well acquainted with anyone there except for Satan for some reason or another?
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    Regardless what it's based off I do like those little touches to emphasize that Sig isn't quite ''normal'' so to speak.

    Heh, how bout that, the first three are from my Pinterest account, do you happen to be on that site as well? Either way I appreciate thoughtfullness to show me.

    That's mostly due to script changes from japanese to english, Ringo reffering to many characters in analytical ways moreso then by their actual names is her stick, but it's a bit downplayed in the localization and some scenes are essentially rewritten.

    The biggest example I can think of is in Chapter 4, during the scene after the Amitie VS Raffina match, in the english version she asks Sig to watch over the exhausted Amitie, where as in the japanese original she just tells the group to move forwards, never even acknowledging Sig's presence and small script changes like that persist over the entire game (for the better if you ask me), it just so happened that they ended up creating the oddity that you brought up by accident or at least I don't think they were intending to imply anything.
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    Oh, same here. That's one of the things that make Sig pretty endearing in my opinion.

    Hey, don't mention it. It's nothing.

    Oh, really? Well...knowing Ringo, I suppose that makes sense. Still, I just feel like it would have been more...."fair" for Ringo to mention them by name like she did the majority of the Fever-era cast, so we can at least get confirmation that she's at least somewhat acquainted with the Madou-era cast. Her conversations with them outside of Satan made it seem like (at least, to ME) Ringo doesn't seem to know them all that well. I mean, she DOES show us that she's somewhat aware of just who exactly is and her personality, but that aside, she doesn't seem all that aware of who Suketoudara and Draco are. Again, I'm sure I'm just being nitpicky here, and I'm looking at something that isn't there, but still...

    BTW, another question if you don't mind. Basically, do you think characters like Billy Burn and the Water Spirit/Water Elemental will appear in a future Puyo game? I was reading that ongoing Madou fic that JelliPuddi has been writing, and the Water Elemental (who J.P. named Marée for the sake of the story) being in the fic reminded me that she (and Billy) appeared in the Nazo Puyo games, and I remembered that you and a couple others explained to me about how the rights for Compile-era Puyo characters worked.

    From there, I remembered how Demon Servant only appeared in Super Nazo Puyo 3: Rulue no Roux, and possibly because of that, he got to be added to Quest in a few years' time.
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    To be fair it's not like Ringo has really had THAT much to do with any Madou/Fever characters apart from Arle, Amitie, Satan or Suketoudara (someone she really should know better) and Chronicle even highlights it quite well with Sig, where you can see how both Amitie and Arle treat him very similary like an old friend and are clearly very familiar with him, while Ringo barely talks to him and seems to barely know him, so her not even reffering to many of these characters by name makes sense, since she really has no known reason to know them to any notable extend.

    I can really only say the same thing as I did for whether or not Incubus or Succubus will make it into a mainline game again: who knows? They could easily put them into Quest, Jan and Demon Servant making it into the game even officially confirms they own Nazo Puyo, but that means nothing if SEGA has no interest to do anything with them.
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    Well, when you put it THAT way, it makes sense. Honestly, I guess what I've noticed more (after going back to look at a few cutscenes) is that Ringo refers to almost EVERY Fever-era character (that SHE comes across at least) by name, yet she doesn't do the same for the likes of Draco, Witch, and Suketoudara. I mean, I'm not saying she HAS to, but it was on my mind. I suppose I can admit in the cases of the Fever-era cast, Amitie DID introduce Ringo to the majority of them formally. I'm going to guess I can't really say the same for Arle introducing Ringo to the likes of Rulue, Schezo, Draco, Witch, etc.

    Still, as we can both agree, it's a bit...interesting in Suketoudara's case, considering the (extended) time she spent with him in PP7. What's more, Satan DID (in all his hammy glory) introduce himself to Ringo in PP7 during her visit to Area 51.

    I guess you're right. Still, you'd think SEGA would want to get the entire cast of the Nazo Puyo trilogy out of the way. Considering they've already added Jan, the Demon Servant, Succubus, and even Mandrake of all people, I'd hope they'd want to add the Water Elemental and Billy. Honestly, I've always wanted to see what they'd look like in SEGA's artstyle.
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    As of now we haven't even gotten everyone from the mainstream games yet, which yah know, despite all my talk of SEGA merely using characters they are interested in, does perplex me, I mean Quest has proven to be a huge cash cow and they are able to design and integrate completely original characters left and right, so I doubt that simply including everyone that SEGA owns would be much of a financial gamble.
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    Heck, according to various data from SEGA's financial records, Quest is SEGA's 3rd best-selling mobile game! You're certainly right that money can't possibly be an issue in terms of adding EVERYONE to Quest. Speaking of which, they still haven't added the likes of Dragon to Quest, have they they?

    Also, another question for you: what would you say to Arle and Carbuncle being added to Super Smash Bros.? The idea's been on my mind for a while now...
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    As of now Quest is still missing the following mainline/Nazo Characters:

    OPP & TSU
    Sukiyapodes, Zombie, Mini Zombie, Nomi, Dragon

    These surprise me the most in their absence, due to TSU's popularity and influence, I mean it's a big enough deal to the point that even we got several versions of it, with the Neo Geo Pocket, N-Gage, Wii Virtual Console and 3D Classics Collection, so you'd think that they'd add the whole cast from the game into Quest, because of TSU's nostalgic appeal in Japan.


    We've gone over him before, if the crossdressing is the problem then Choppun is screwed, since that's pretty much his entire character, though your cosplay idea would be a very fun way to reinvent him.

    Merrow, Doppelganger Schezo, Dark Witch, Black Kikimora

    For a long time I figured that because of the regular versions of the characters getting alts already, most of the doppelgangers were left out to avoid redundancy, with Doppel.Arle, Strange Klug and Dark Arle only getting a pass since they were too important to their respective games to leave out, I also linked it to the fact that Doppel and Strange Klug never recieved any alts, despite them being very popular characters whose alts people would totally play for.

    Well, since then Dark Arle and Strange Klug (Still no love for Doppel though...) have gotten alts, shooting that theory into the foot, so yeah I got no clue, same goes for Merrow's situation.


    Skeleton-T's two buddies

    These two only really existed to serve as Skel's ''transformations'', not even getting names to themselves, so I don't blame SEGA for leaving them out, since they were barely anything to begin with.


    We've gone over her as well, it makes sense to wait with adding her for spoiler reasons, but one of these days she really should show up.

    Billy Burn, Water Element, Barbegazi, Vampire, Wraith

    Getting any Nazo Puyo character was a big enough surprise, so yah know, don't know what to tell yah.

    While I'm not sure whether or not any of them are going to make it in, I'd certainly be up for it, especially with the surprising inclusion of the Tetris crew Quest could very much end up as the definitive Puyo reunion game and we are so close to having all main/Nazo characters already, but that's something fans would care for more then SEGA.

    As for Arle in Smash I did vote for her in the ballot, so that says everything, I already mentioned that Smash For didn't have much to excite me outside of Mega Man and the content from his games that he brought along 3D Geo Stelar holy shit!1! and no matter how much the next game does for me, Arle would be similary exciting to me as ol' Megs was.
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    Speaking of Quest and characters, I think it would also be interesting to say a bit about Quest exclusive charas, I never really bring mention to them, but I do really like a lot of the designs and character ideas, but with them only appearing in Quest we only get to see very little of them, aside from the bare minimum, which is why only a few of the charas tend to leave a particulary big impression on me and one such character was added yesterday:
    Her name's Marvett and aside from me liking her design a lot I also find her stick of her being a writer trying to archive her magnum opus to be very likable and relatable

    Though by the way, is it just me or is she taking particulary strong cues from Sig? Let's look at them right next to each other:
    The same perpetually half closed eyes and a bag of some sorts, they are also both blue cards, are both in the ''many mysteries'' category of characters and even have something resembling a spirit with them :
    DAuKIW3UAAEbwVh.png Img223006_l.png
    Again, maybe it's just me, but to me the similarities are rather uncanny.
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    Yeah, to see that these guys are STILL not added to Quest (or in the case of the first 4 listed, ANY recent Puyo media whatsoever) greatly baffles me. Especially considering how as you pointed out, Tsu is (more or less) THE definitive Puyo game.

    I'll be honest though, in the case of Dragon, I see it taking more inspiration from its Yo~n incarnation (as Chico's pet) more than its Tsu incarnation. This being said, I was a bit surprised the first time I heard that Dragon has NOT been added to Quest alongside Chico, considering their relationship and that its more recognized incarnation is in Yo~n.

    In Choppun's case...Well, I don't want to sound full of myself or anything, but I really do feel that my cosplay idea would be a good way to reintroduce him to the series.

    If not that, then at the very least, SEGA could give us a reason as to why he's almost always seen cosplaying as Arle moreso than any other character in the series (in the event that Compile hasn't already done so). Maybe he's a mega-Arle fanboy or something.

    As for these characters...believe it or not, but I'm pretty sure Doppel. Schezo AND Dark Witch actually HAVE returned to the series (specifically in 20th Anniversary) in SOME capacity. I should mention right now, I'm not certain if these characters actually ARE in the game, and someone's just a pretty good modder, but...

    Again, I DON'T know if this is REAL, but I figured I should show it here, as the likes of Doppel. Arle and Strange Klug are in the same game as alt. skins as well for Arle and Klug respectively, so...

    That being said, I'm a bit surprised that there's been NO mention of Black Kikimora up till now, considering how Compile apparently REALLY liked to use her in various games in SOME sort of capacity during the later years of their ownership of the series. Then again, SEGA's a completely different company, and look at how they're currently treating the REAL Kikimora...

    In Merrow's case, I sort of expected SEGA take advantage of the fact that the series has a more aggressive mermaid character, and as such, do SOMETHING interesting with her. I mean, we can all agree that Merrow and Seriri have polar opposite personalities, if nothing else. Also, despite popular belief (and what BOX did) they AREN'T identical in appearance as (hair color aside) Seriri has more straight hair and Merrow has more wavy hair, and their body shapes are somewhat more "defined" between each other.

    Not going to lie, THESE two...I can more or less live without. Though I guess I wouldn't mind seeing them again as Skeleton-T's lvl. 5 & lvl. 6 upgrades or something. All this being said, I'd actually like to see Skeleton-D in a new Puyo game or Quest now that I think more about it...

    Yeah, not much to say about her. As we've both already agreed, she'll probably be added to Quest by, say, Chronicles' 1-year anniversary.

    As I've said before, I'd give anything to have these guys appear in Quest. As far as we know, Quest is probably their only chance TO appear in ANYTHING these days, so the fact that Jan and Demon Servant are in (as well as the S.S. Tetra crew) gives off a sliver of hope IMO.

    Funny thing, but I thought Water Element actually appeared in a cameo during Fever 2. Specifically, in Klug's magazine.

    Also, I'm just noticing this now, but the Nazo games really just ended up becoming Rulue's trip down memory lane, didn't it? Meeting people she ended up fighting at the age of 16 back MM: ARS.

    BTW, could you show me (or explain) what Barbegazi looks like? I hear a lot about the character, but I've NEVER seen the character.

    Oh, OK. I was just wondering. Also, it's nice to see that you'd be pretty hyped to see her in Smash. Which (IMO) her chances REALLY went up, due to PPT's worldwide release.

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Heck, even I've grown attached to a multitude of character groups introduced to Quest, such as the Sweet Girls (those girls focused on sweets), the Cheer Squad, the Holy Beast Fighters, the School of Light student council, among MANY, MANY others.

    There's even some groups that appear to be "connected" to the main cast. For example, the "Dragon Clan" group in Quest (and please correct me if I'm wrong here) are apparently from the same race as Draco Centauros! As a matter of fact, if what I've come across is true, one of the members of this group is supposedly Draco's love interest.

    Honestly, I hope that one day SEGA does way more with these characters than limit them to only Quest. Heck, they've made more characters than Compile did during their ownership of the series from 1989 to 2000, for goodness' sake!
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    It's not real and Doppelganger Arle isn't in 20th either.

    There yah go.

    If there is ever another Puyo RPG or at least a RPG mode then I'd like to see the Quest characters take the role of NPCs, who populate the world, I'm conflicted on them becoming playables in main games though, as much as I'd love for the likes of Marvett to stick around in a bigger capacity these games already struggle to use most of the mainstream cast as is.
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    Hey there. I checked again, and you're right. Apparently, what I showed you was a mod of Dark Witch and Doppel. Schezo. I thought Doppel. Arle WAS in 20th Anniversary? Does she serve as Arle's Alt. voice or something?


    Oh, wow! That'd actually be a GREAT idea! It'd give them some sort of role in the main games without all the hassle of making them playable. Not to mention that this would expand the Puyo/Madou-verse IMMENSELY.
  17. warelander

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    One could make an argument that her alt voice is a nod to Doppel, but even that's not even officially stated.

    I have actually had that one on my mind ever since it became appearent that the NPC variety in Chronicle wasn't going to be up to snuff, to say the least, as it stands Ally and Rafisol are really the only noteworthy things about their world, putting the Quest cast there would have been a good way to make things more interesting.
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  18. I really wish I had a switch to play the game. I love both the art style and character designs! If only I had a switch!

    Speaking of Sig, I actually drew him last night ! He's definitely one of my favourites in both design and personality.

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  19. SurrealBrain

    SurrealBrain I like Amitie.

    Unrelated, but this year, I went to a Comic-Con again, and you know what that means?

    Well, if you saw my posts from two years back, you know this means I got more commissions to show. Spent more than I probably should have, of course, but I think it was worth it.

    I've got my Amitie drawing first.
    I like this one. It's a very cute chibi drawing, and I think it's faithful to who she is. But I'm not done yet.

    Another one is Ally from Puyo Puyo Chronicles.
    Another cute one. Though I did forget to mention she's obsessed with love, but otherwise, I think this one is also faithful.

    And of course, because I couldn't go without a single shipping commission, here's a SigAmi image.
    Nice and cute. I wasn't very specific on how shippy it had to be, but I like that the artist put in a cute little wink from Amitie there.

    Another one is Ringo here.
    Another cute one. I told the artist that she has an apple thing going on, and she proceeded to do that.

    And finally, Raffina.
    Love that the artist kinda captured that certain snobbish aura around her. Another one.

    Yeah, you may have noticed I had these drawn by the same artist. Couldn't really find many others whose styles fit these characters.

    I do have some other commissions, but they aren't related to Puyo Puyo in any way. But yeah, this was a nice thing.

    Incidentally, there were some copies of Puyo Puyo Tetris in the Comic-Con. I already have my own, and felt someone else should have their shot at getting the game, but hey, it was nice to see anyways.
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    Really? Huh, you'd think 20th Anniversary would make a claim (in-game) that Doppel is being referenced through the Alt. voice there.

    Exactly. It was just...I mean, SEGA didn't even use a VARIETY of animals. All they did was use wolves (foxes?) as the NPC citizens of EVERY location. Seriosly, if there was EVER a tme for the Quest-exclusive characters to appear in a console Puyo game, I feel as though Chronicles (which was the series' 25th Anniversary game, no less) may have been it. Unless we get another RPG mode in the future.

    Wow, nice Sig there!

    Cute drawings there! A little surprised there's no Arle and/or Carbuncle here though...

    BTW, here's some cute Compile-era Puyo art I came across today!


    My God, Draco looks AMAZING in Arle's clothes! And who would have thought that Panotty would be so adorable in a Carbuncle suit?


    The first (clear) artwork I've seen of Arle's grandma!


    I'm pretty sure that's Arle's parents/ancestors...!!


    I don't know what exactly's going on here...but MAN, I'm LOVING it.


    I feel if Witch had a bigger role in PP7, and the game had the Madou-era and Fever-era casts in a "Fish Out of Water" type of role like me and warelander described, THIS would be how Witch utilizes a PC.


    The Madou-era cast partying like it's 1997. With a suspicious lack of Suketoudara...
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