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    Hehe, what can I say, when I'm in the Wario mood you reeeeeallly start to realize just how much I love him and his franchise, but yeah Mona is among the new designs that I'm the most curious about myself, along with 18-Volt and Young Cricket.

    Oh certainly, I mean with the Bowser's Inside Story remake we even have 2019 title in the pipelines, so SEGA still has plenty time.

    Looks good, I'm trying to stay clear of spoilers, but I did catch some stuff, like the revealed playable characters (Gooey!) and one of the new Stone Kirby cameos (Ribbon!!) and frankly, anything that acknowledges the Dark Matter trilogy get's at least twenty thumps up from me.
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  2. SurrealBrain

    SurrealBrain I like Amitie.

    I'd still love to see Puyo Puyo Chronicles get brought over here to the west. That said, while I'm glad the 3DS is still getting support and people are still buying that thing, I kinda feel like it would only help its chances of success if it got ported to Switch, PS4 and maybe the Xbox One if the resources are there.

    I'm aware some gameplay elements might need some reworking to make it work on those systems, though a part of me does feel like it could be done anyways.

    Let me make this clear; I'm not at all against bringing over the 3DS game; not everyone can afford the new hardware, at least not yet, so I know it will at least be appreciated by that audience, and they'd probably appreciate having something to look forward to.

    I just feel like even with the 3DS doing well now, Sega might be smart to port it to other systems, if only to be on the safe side. Not necessarily skip the 3DS version, but bring over any ports alongside it. It's hard to say where the 3DS will be by the time they bring over the game, so ports might not be a bad idea.
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    You know, I've had the same thought of Puyo Chronicles being released on things like the Switch. Don't get me wrong, I have NO prob with it being released on the 3DS either. It just feels like the Switch would a bit more..."mainstream"?

    BTW, everyone. I've been wondering, has read that recent translation of Fever 2's archives detailing Arle's current knowledge on the Puyos' power to teleport people to different dimensions?
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    I did, certainly interesting how Puyo appearently might just vanish to another world, rather then be killed, it does raise the question of what exactly Arle did different that time to be warped as well, but they leave that intentionally open.

    Quite an intersting concept, that they won't ever revisit.
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  5. puyokid

    puyokid Wario Fan Supreme

    That's what I'm wondering myself. I also wonder what the heck the likes of Rulue, Schezo, Satan, and all those other guys did as well, not to mention wondering what the odds are of them possibly doing the same thing Arle and Carbuncle did to get teleported.

    As for people like Draco, Witch, and Skeleton-T, I feel as though Ecolo's screwing around caused them to land in Ringo's world initially and later on Primp.

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