So the mystery figure from the Crescent Moon Village background has a story?

Discussion in 'Wario Land' started by CM30, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Wow, didn't know about this:


    Apparently the old man in the paintings of Crescent Moon Village actually has a backstory! As quoted from the topic above:

    Apparently the Colonel Sanders style figure is a reference to a real world admiral from the Russo-Japanese war called Isamu Takeshida, who actually looks a lot like the picture:


    Apparently he defended the village from attacking pirates in game, which then (long after the village was abandoned) caused their restless souls to hang around the place, desperately 'defending' the treasure they stole hundreds of years ago. It's an interesting story, and one the game barely hints at all.

    So yeah, what do you think? Are you happy Nintendo included this tiny bit of backstory in one of the Japanese strategy guides for the game?

    And what other secrets do you think other Wario Land 4 levels hold?
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    Wario has the deepest lore
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    That explains that annoying Pirate ghost who won't ever leave my poor Keyzer alone. :unsure:
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    Interesting backstory, but honestly the man in the painting doesn't look like the real-life admiral, nor col. Sanders. The hairstyle and moustache don't mach with the photograph.
    But I still like that there is actually a backstory to what happened to Crescent Moon Village. It has always been one of the strangest levels of the game, and this story makes the village even more haunting. Village::

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