Soldiers of the Koopa Troop

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    The premise is that you are living in the Koopa Kingdom and you've been drafted to the Koopa Troop by force and now you are stuck working for Bowser.
    Make a bio before you jump in.
    Include your name, race ( aesthetic if needed, example if you choose koopa troopa what colour is your shell, are you bibedal or quadripetal. Jf you choose pirahna plant are you standard, shoot fire, or a ptooie, what size are you etc.) among other things but if you RP you get it.

    My bio.
    Name: Hilbert
    Race: Koopa Troopa
    Size: Normal size
    Type: Paratroopa
    Aesthetic: Blue shell
    Type, fig 2 (optional by the by) quadripedal (classic koopa, ya know?)
    Age: 17 (human years)
    Aesthetic, fig 2: Round glasses

    Backstory (Don't make these super long if you can, much appreciated) Hilbert grew up living on his parents farm, His father died in his time serving under Bowser after having been used as a shell to defeat Kamella in Super Mario Galaxy. Without his father to serve he was drafted to the Koopa Troop. Tidbid, he is somewhat of a geek, He is a fan of Rawk Hawk, The Axem Rangers, etc.

    BIO END.

    *wakes up* Ohhhh, the beds in these barracks are so uncomfortable. *Puts on shell then glasses* That's better, No body is here, did i wake up late? *panics a bit*
  2. Koopaul

    Koopaul Yes. I'm that Koopaul.

    Why would he be a fan of the terrorists Axem Rangers? I mean we in real life can be fans of them but I don't see why anyone in Mario's world would.

    Anyway here's my guy:

    Name: Koopaul
    Race: Koopa
    Type: Troopa

    Bio: Living in poverty and the slums of the Dark Lands (like most koopas do) Koopaul longed to one day be an immigrant to the Mushroom Kingdom and live in Koopa Village. His two older brothers were drafted as soldiers in Bowser's army for the past two invasions. Koopaul's father is considered a war hero from one of the earliest invasions. Mario had kicked him in his shell only for it to bounce off a wall and hit Mario instead. Mario had lost but one life but it was still considered quite an achievement. Anyone who serves and servives gets to retire if they choose, Koopaul's father injured his shell in so he retired and raised a family. Many of Koopaul's family members bought into the propaganda that it was the Mushroom Kingdom's fault that everyone lives in the desolate volcanic Dark Lands and really wish to join the cause to take the rich green kingdom they deserve. But Koopaul saw his older two brothers each die in two other invasions and knew he was next.

    There was no avoiding the draft, however, being meek yet clever allowed him to get a job stocking Bullet Bills into crates and eventually working his way up to being in charge of a warehouse division manufacturing Bullet Bills. He still longs for the day he can escape to Koopa Village. But that seems impossible as many die trying to get there.
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  3. The 3rd Wario Brother

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    draft plus dead daddy, any enemy of bowser would make him happy.

    *rushes out side* oh man oh man *notices koopaul working a bill launcher in peripheral vision.* Um, excuse me sir, w-where did the other soldiers go?
  4. Koopaul

    Koopaul Yes. I'm that Koopaul.

    *gets startled and nearly drops his tools*
    "What? You mean you don't know? I thought there was a drill. I better report this to Larry."
    *picks up a phone to call Larry*
  5. The 3rd Wario Brother

    The 3rd Wario Brother Worlds greatest treasure hunter. Diamond City Insider


    *i say under my breath "i've really done it now"*
  6. Hope it's fine if I use your bio layout :p

    My bio.
    Name: Psi
    Race: Koopa Troopa
    Size: Smaller than average
    Type: Normal
    Looks: light blue shell hoodie, wears a fez
    Powers: some small psychic powers

    Backstory: Psi isn't his original name. after running away from his family and his one love, the MS Painter, he seeked a new beginning. he studied the arts of psychics, and gave himself a new moniker; Psi. though in reality the name was chosen for Psithurisma, an old other-world word, people associated it with the psychics he practiced.

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