The Official Wario Land ROM Hacks (and mods) list

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    Well, we already listed fan games based on the series. So why not list some ROM hacks and PC game mods too? So here's the list, sorted by game:

    Hacks of Non Wario Games

    Super Mario Bros 1:

    Super Mario Bros 3:
    Super Mario World:
    Super Mario 64
    New Super Mario Bros Wii
    Dr Mario:
    Kirby's Adventure:
    Team Fortress 2:
    Hacks OF Wario Land Games

    Wario Land II:
    Wario Land 3:
    Wario's Woods:
    So yeah, got any more? If so, name them in the topic!
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    Damn, you named all the ones i know. Eh as long as the word is spread.
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