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  • Update on myself
    Doing better with my stomach illness, slowly healing, and feeling waaay less nauseous now :>
    I don't normally like sharing my personal life but I think this might be the only time I will say this:
    My stomach illness isn't something that's "SUPER" dangerous it's just something I unfortunately had for 5 years and it's Chronic Gastritis

    It's gotten stronger because I didn't get the proper medicine for it cause I was a Minor when I had that illness so it makes it hard for the doctors to check my insides cause I had to be 18 in order to get a gastroscopy. I barely got it this year cause getting an appointment for a gastroscopy is hard as hell so I had to bear the stupid pain for 5 years.

    Either way, that's all I am going to share, I thought I share this just so people don't think I have dangerous stomach illness that will cause me to die-

    Plus I am doing better so yay!
    Ah yeah, I have a friend who also has chronic gastritis and it was a huge problem for them before they got medical treatment to get it under control so definitely aware of how much of a pain it can be. Good to hear you're doing better.
    Miss Dreamy
    Miss Dreamy
    @Magma Yeah, It makes me happy that you understand how painful it is to have that illness.
    Not many people understand the pain chronic gastritis can give to someone who has it. Constant acid reflux, feeling nauseous almost every day, random stomach pains, and avoiding certain foods especially if it's foods that you love but it triggers the inflammation.
    It's hard, many people just see it as an excuse to skip a day but in reality, it's just painful to deal with. I had it under control but I lost it when I struggled to eat at the times I was supposed to eat and that caused a really painful week.
    I am getting back to controlling it again so I am doing better little by little :,]
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    Apologies for being less active
    I have college but I am also suffering with an stomach illness I am slowly healing
    If I were to post my commissions should I post them here in my profile or is there a section where I can make a forum to share my commissions?
    Hmm, I think you can just make a new thread for it in General Chat. Though that reminds me, that section is kind of become the catch-all for non-Wario discussion. I wonder if we should have more categories.
    Miss Dreamy
    Miss Dreamy
    @Magma Hmm Alrighty! Thank you!
    Also, some new categories would be cool :0
    I wish I can think of a new one to suggest but if there are some new categories I'll definitely with try to try them out :>
    I've been feeling so tired lately cause of my medication that I sleep early instead of drawing at night-
    Anyway, I am struggling with coloring Mark's clothes-
    A sketch of Mona and Molly's brother!

    His name is Mark! (Thanks to @TheBakingGamer0424 for the name :] )
    He's the middle child and he might be trying too hard to be impressive-
    College life here I come
    I return back to college and right now I am at my apartment.
    Art and activity will be very slow but I will try my best to talk!
    Hhh I really want to share this design so badly so might as well rip the bandaid and just show it-

    This is a design that my friend helped me make and it's a fusion between 2 characters that I really like, Mona and Uta from one piece
    The reason why I hesitated to show her cause I thought it was cringe but I really like her design-
    Imma make Mona and Molly a brother cause I had a good idea about expanding the family more and for some reason I really wanna give Mona a brother so yeah LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :monapizza:
    Late-night thoughts:
    Sometimes I wonder if people get Molly confused as Mona and Wario's Love child.
    Cause she isn't-
    But after seeing a drawing I did of Mona, Molly, and Wario together I can't help but think about the people who don't know think of Molly as a fan kid-
    Luckily almost everyone knows she's Mona's little sister and I'd to keep it that way lmaooo
    I hate but also love the fact that for some reason I want to make a WarioWare X Evangelion drawing-
    I really love the Evangelion series but my lord I don't think I wanna make a crossover of a dark anime with a happy fun game-
    Just imagine telling 9-volt to get in the goddamn robot :DIcOrho:
    Yikes Spike
    Yikes Spike
    There's this minigame of the guy with sunglasses shaving his beard, similar to the NGE's gillete commercial
    Do it! I think a crossover drawing with that theme would be epic.
    Miss Dreamy
    Miss Dreamy
    @CM30 Really? Alright! It'll be a fun thing to draw and think about! lol
    Mentally I am this image
    s i t ychgv.png

    Am fine lol just tried af and College is next week so I have to get art done before I get to college-
    I know I can draw during college but I wanna make it my goal that I finish as much drawings as I can before the start of college-
    (Ps This is my final year of college after that I graduate-)
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    Miss Dreamy
    Miss Dreamy
    @DabbitDaMips I agree with you 100%
    I am studying to be an animator and this is something I am working so hard on this goal, it's the reason why I'm still going. Yeah, it's painful to go back but I have to remember that in the end I am doing something I love. So you are correct, it will get better :>
    Miss Dreamy
    Miss Dreamy
    @Magma The dread is reeeaaallllll
    My summer vacation felt like a week but I at least spend it well by doing fun stuff. Either way, I wish it was a bit longer cause the dread is getting to me-
    @MissColorfulDreamy you as an animator would be awesome (I already considered you one)! Never give up on your dream or let anyone try to tear you down about it ever. Passion is a dying flame in this world. STOKE IT AND GET STOKED! Because someday you will be making many people smile and fall in love with your cute, silly, and sometimes weird artstyle (like Ms Freaky, I'm interested in their Dream series as well). (Don't worry we all like weird here and personally I love horror n Ms Freaky gives me that vibe)

    Plus you're already very popular here, people like your artstyle and personality. I think you have a great chance at success in the career path you've chosen.
    A WIP

    Oh my god this is going to take forever-
    I am going to draw the WarioWare crew and I am only 5/19 done
    (Does 13-Amp count too? if so 5/20)
    I don't know why I think about one of my Ocs Ms.Freaky meeting Mona a lot

    Like they aren't even in the same world??
    Realistically Mona would probably try to be friends with Ms.Freaky
    My headcanon, Mona feels a very off vibe with Ms.Freaky's presence
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    Miss Dreamy
    Miss Dreamy
    I mean I like weird spooky-looking stuff, I have many characters that I made that are weirdly spooky. I may like cute things but I also like things that people didn't really expect me to like lol

    From what I have learned from Mona she likes both cute and weird things. I have a mutual who really loves Mona and gave me fun facts about her. Mona is the type of girl that yeah likes girly/cute things but she also likes weird things. The funny thing my brother once told me the reason why Mona likes Wario was because Wario gains a lot of money from treasure hunts and whatnot, so basically a Gold digger and I believed it but reading more about Mona and hearing the mutual talk about her I come to the conclusion that Mona just has mixed taste of Cute and Weird. She likes fuzzy caterpillars and that was stated on the "Made in Wario" official Japanese website, she clearly loves/has a fascination with noses and states that Mona is attracted to "puffy, hairy shiny noses".
    Source: モナの『プロフィール』 (Might need to google translate tho)

    So to me, she just likes both weird and girly/cute things :>
    So I do get what you mean, and I agree with your statements ^^
    All true facts.
    I like scary stuff too. Eithrway though it would be fun to see the Mona and Ms. Freaky interact. Now that I think about it I could see Mona having a rival or frenemy or even a boss Ms. Freaky. Tell us more about Mrs Freaky?
    Miss Dreamy
    Miss Dreamy
    @DabbitDaMips Well I imagen them a lot together and I have no idea why. Probs cause they sorta look similar to each other :>
    I can see Ms.Freaky as a frenemy and not really a rival cause Ms.Freaky is a chaotic character, she likes to cause chaos and misery to people and if she likes you then she will try to make your life miserable and as well as treat you like a friend. She's like that one friend that's super annoying but your still friends with.

    Ms.Freaky is an oc from a story that I am writing called Dreams, it's still in the works but I like to draw Ms.Freaky interacting with other people's characters :>
    I like to show how chaotic she is ^^
    I DID IT!! I have all of the WarioWare games!!! I got the WarioWare GameCube game today and that completes my collection! I have them all!! Yay!! ^o^

    All that’s left is the new game, WarioWare Move it hehe

    I’m so happy that I got all of the WarioWare games EE!! :]
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