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  • Hey I apologize for my accusations about you, terribly sorry. And I'm sorry people gave you a hard time. You're fine.
    Hey man, I'm really sorry that Nitwit literally logged on for the first time since last September *just* to mess with you. I am actually on the spectrum myself, even if I seem normal enough to go unnoticed by losers like Nitwit. I know sometimes dealing with people can be frustrating, especially if you don't know why they're acting the way they are. I think it's lovely that you're doing your best to create. Though the impression that you gave us had many people worried & skeptical, you've gone on to persuade me, at the very least, that your intentions are not just genuine, but innocent enough as well, against the expectations that others that came before you had instilled in all of us.
    Keep working to improve, and I know you can become amazing. If it's your passion, you will improve greatly simply from how often you practice. You clearly have a knack for creativity, and I think that it's wonderful that you've come as far as you have and seem to be enjoying yourself. I didn't even need a visual for the 9-Volt, your written descriptions were nice and clear. Keep doing what it is you enjoy in life, and keep close the things you hold dear, alright? They're really the only things in life that are worthwhile.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum, by the way!
    "Where the gold is good and the garlic is better! Enjoy your stay with us! Wah-ha-ha!"
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