Wario Land SNES Soundtrack

Wario Land Wario Land SNES Soundtrack 2018-04-24

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This is most of the Wario Land 1 soundtrack ported to SMW, in a format ready to insert with AddMusic 4 or AddMusic K.

Includes the following songs:
  • Boss Battle
  • Boss Level
  • Cave Level
  • Kitchen Island (main world map)
  • Level 1 theme
  • Level 3 theme
  • Mini Game theme
  • Mount Teapot (map)
  • Mount Teapot level
  • Parsely Woods (map)
  • Rice Beach (map)
  • SS Teacup (map)
  • Score Credits
  • Secret Level
  • Sherbet Land (map)
  • Sherbet Land Level theme
  • Stove Canyon level theme
  • Stove Canyon (map)
  • Thwomp's Lair
  • Title Screen
  • Train Level
  • Water Level
Plus these extras from other games:
  • Get in the Teacup (Wario Land II)
  • Really Final Chapter (Wario Land II)
  • Star Theme (Yoshi's Island)
  • Stonecarving City (Wario Land Shake It)
  • Wario Battle (Super Mario Land 2)
  • Wario's Castle (Super Mario Land 2)
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