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  1. CaptainDrewBoy

    Street Fighter 2 Discussion

    I got into this game (Switch version) recently, and heard it has quite the fanbase, so I hoped some people here could discuss it with me. Ken: Beginners Only or genuinely powerful?
  2. CaptainDrewBoy

    Discuss your favourite forums here!

    What it says in the title. I'm a FREAK over this kind of thing, so it was relieving to find Zombie Squad. They prepare for natural disasters of all shapes and sizes, donate money to charity and give people a way to seek advice in getting ready for anything, be it an earthquake or a...
  3. CaptainDrewBoy

    Gush Section

    We have a RANT section, but where can we gush about things? Here. Do it here. The NSMB engine is genius. Taking moves from 3D games and implementing them in to a 2D engine, often to use the moves in a totally different way? Nice! The triple jump used to be just a high jump, now it's great for...
  4. CaptainDrewBoy

    New Super Wario Bros. !

    This is a thing now! Story: Wario takes over Mario's body (ROLL WITH IT) The Wario crew isn't too chuffed. Ashley, Jimmy T, and Dr. Crygor make a deal. If Wario can get past two worlds of levels, he can keep the body. Otherwise, he'll be forced out. After he finishes those worlds, Luigi...
  5. CaptainDrewBoy

    Least favourite Wario Game?

    What's your least favourite Wario game? If you asked me earlier in the year, I'd say Snapped for the clunky camera and lack of content for the price but... it's grown on me.
  6. CaptainDrewBoy

    Cap's Comics, Art and Giggles!

    If you've seen the tahutoa thread (and if you haven't, delete your account) it's like that. I'll post my comics, art, music (if I get around to it), thoughts, WHATEVER. I'll start by showing you all some art: My LOVELY comic: And some Photoshopped photos I took and edited for school: Also, a...
  7. CaptainDrewBoy

    Made a Wario... comic?

    Made this Wario comic when I was bored. I can't draw, sorry. Also, I messed with the clarity setting a little to make the photo look better. . To add insult to injury, I made the frame for the squashed goomba a boot.
  8. CaptainDrewBoy

    Wait... BLUE?

    I've not been on Default theme for some time (Christmas theme, if you wanted to know) but I'm back and just noticed that the background for the banner is blue.banner Blue. Not yellow and purple stripes. Blue. Is this a glitch or has it changed?
  9. CaptainDrewBoy

    WarioWare Gold: The Minigames

    Honestly, I love lots of the minigames in this package. Pumpkin Panic is great, has its own gallery and I would buy this on its own. Manhole is manhole, so that's good as the G&W (not THAT G&W) series is so addictive. Super Pyoro adds a great new twist to the classic Pyoro formula.
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    So, this is a thread for MFGG discussion! Who's entered Mario Takes A Three? (@TheUltimateGengar)
  11. CaptainDrewBoy

    Media & Resources

    What's the difference between the media and resource sections?
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    Ha ha ha! Let's do this! Fill out the form, when enough people have joined, we'll begin! Rules: None. But, please, be nice. I'd also appreciate a lack of swearing, if you can all do that.
  13. CaptainDrewBoy

    [Poll] I'm getting a Github... maybe

    I'm thinking about joining Github. Thoughts?
  14. CaptainDrewBoy

    Plug your creative places!

    So... we are all great people here, and noticed a lot of us do creative stuff! Plug those (and updates on them) here! THIS IS NOT FOR GENERAL ACCOUNTS (Neopets, Reddit, ect.)! ONLY YOUR CREATIVE ONES! I'll start! Game company by me and my friend My original stories My fanfics
  15. CaptainDrewBoy

    Wario Land 4 'Hot Take'

    So... I'll just say it. The mechanics of WL4 are amazing. Just like in DKCR, you feel the character's weight. Visual touches help lots here. But... I dislike the level design. It's confusing. Sometimes I'm randomly guessing what to do. Some enemies are placed pretty obnoxiously. Am I alone here?
  16. CaptainDrewBoy

    Diamond Software: The origin story

    This is the story of how Diamond Software was created out of the ashes of WarioWare Inc. (A chapter every so often! Feedback appreciated!)
  17. CaptainDrewBoy

    I'm here!

    After much faffing about with the confirmation email *cough cough* I am here to talk about Wario! Wa ha ha!