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  1. Waluigi

    Do you think there should be a Wapeach and Wadaisy?

    I was never particularly enthused by the idea, but then I saw this pic on Facebook and now I'm thinking it could actually be pretty fun, if they did it right: What do you all think?
  2. Waluigi

    [Upcoming Game] WarioWare: Get it Together! announced for Nintendo Switch!

    Looks freakin' awesome! Not as hype as a Wario Land game, for me, but I'm still totally jazzed to actually get to control Wario and his supporting cast inside the microgames. Oh yeah!!!
  3. Waluigi

    I just love how they first introduce Wario in SML2.

    Talking about this game in another thread made me want to play it again, since it's been ages since I last did so and I never got around to beating it back then (what with the DS not playing GB games and me losing my SP somehow). So yesterday I decided to get it off the eshop and play through...
  4. Waluigi

    Will we every see Virtual Boy Wario Land on the eshop?

    So I came across this video of an emulated version of VB Wario Land: And I just can't help but wonder why we haven't gotten this on the eshop. It's a polished, great looking game that's just sitting there in Nintendo's backlog, readily available to sell to us. I assume they paid a decent...
  5. Waluigi

    I'm really feeling depressed about the loss of Wario's shoulder charge.

    I've been replaying some Wario Land games, and it's reminding me about how it was such an iconic move. I feel like every character in Smash Bros got to have their most iconic moves in Smash Bros except for Wario. Even Peach, who only actually floated in one game before 3D World brought it back...
  6. Waluigi

    Would you ever want a crossover between Wario Land and WarioWare?

    I think it would be cool if they had a game that sort of merged the two branches together. It would be a Wario Land styled platformer with WarioWare characters and settings, and microgames as bonus stages. I imagine you would start out in Wario's classic outfit at default (with his normal...