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    Welcome! :)
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    You ever fallen in love with a Wario character?

    I may love Mona, but above everything, I serve my lord Wario-sama! I shall not let my feelings interfere with my mission to support his awesome games !!
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    [Poll] Who's the most 'evil' villain in the Wario Land series?

    It's gotta be the health bar. It came back from the depths of generic platformer hell to make us gamers ever tense and has been around ever since.
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    Hello, fellow coin-hoarders!

    Welcome! :)
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    Reply as your avatar

    Cricket crush!
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    Wario Land Flash

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    Syrup's Design for What Could've Been

    It's... it's... she got captured in a bubble in one of the endings, and I thought that was cute! :(
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    Syrup's Design for What Could've Been

    Easily the WL2 design. Not only for the WL history, but also for reasons not to be much proud of.
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    Snow Bros - Custom Box and Cartridge

    Did something hurt your thumb, ChanceTime? :( Anyway, this is really neat! I have never played this game before but it looks awesome. Also, your special tumblr for it has some very interesting things. d;)
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    Why Does Wario Fart?

    Both parts were a truly splendid article! I hope many people read it and are enlightnened. Also very nice imagery. Well, for me, the new information were the part about the size and color of his poop, which I think is hilarious (I'm not Mozart though), and Sakurai's interview. I for one welcome...
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    Welcome! :)
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    Who is the character in your avatar? You're using it yet again, so I imagine you really like her(?)?

    Who is the character in your avatar? You're using it yet again, so I imagine you really like her(?)?
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    Joe here

    Welcome! :)
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    Hey Wario Peeps

    Welcome! :)
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    Captain Syrup Thread!

    I'm not really sure what's going on. =/ By the looks of it, it appears that she's angry because Mario is entering some place? That's all I can make out of it.
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    Captain Syrup Thread!

    "Those guys!! Such... (or maybe What...)" And welcome to the forums, WhatStiletts! You draw some awesome stuff!
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    What do people search for in regards to the Wario games?

    Orbulondiy::: Ah, so the Earthlings do know about the glorious Orbulon Awards! I hope more and more of them submit their wonderful works of art to my gallery! d:cool: Orbulondiy::: Orbulon... Neopets? Is this a form of Earthling knowledge? (searches) ...What is this?!?!?! d:eek: I do not...
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    Wario Land 4; Passage Intros

    Man, you guys like, strip Wario Land 4 completely naked or something. But that's a good thing, isn't it? It is a beautiful game, and beauty should be seen. :LOL:
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    Welcome to Wario Forums Thartan!

    Welcome! (in all accents)
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    Random Posts of Goofiness

    I wanna post this: Orbulondiy::