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  1. Just a Wario Fan

    So I found this...

    Not sure what this is (Perhaps a failed try on creating a new meme), but it's certainly... something. (Don't watch if you're easily scared)
  2. Just a Wario Fan

    Scary video game music

    Since it will be Halloween soon, I wanted to make another video game music thread, one where you can share your favourite scary tunes for the most fearful time of the year. Here are some of mine: Most of us Wario fans already know this one, and it’s arguably one of the creepiest tracks from...
  3. Just a Wario Fan

    Music you like

    I know, I know. We already have the thread ¨What music are you listening to now¨, but this thread isn’t necessarily about that. Rather, I decided to make this thread to see what music the members of Wario Forums enjoy. Here is a list of some of my absolute favourite songs/artists. Because of...
  4. Just a Wario Fan

    Guilty Pleasures

    Do you have any guilty pleasures, i.e. something that is a bit of a taboo or something that you rather want to keep secrect, yet still enjoy very much? For me my ¨guilty pleasures¨ are watching old western movies, especially those with Clint Eastwood, and listening to cheesy 90's dance songs...
  5. Just a Wario Fan

    Why hasn’t WW Twisted been released in Europe?

    I have been wondering this for ages, but never got a satisfying answer to it. I have read that it was because the movement detector contained Mercury and as such was banned in the EU, but this seems a bit strange to me, as the use of mercury in electronics was still allowed at the time, and even...
  6. Just a Wario Fan

    Interesting dreams you’ve had

    Do you have some interesting dreams (video game related or not) that would make a nice anecdote? (Please share your Wario-related dreams in the thread dedicated to them.) While I don’t remember many of my dreams, those that I do remember tend to recur a lot. A few examples of recurring themes in...
  7. Just a Wario Fan

    Could the legend of El Dorado have been the inspiration for the Golden Pyramid?

    While watching the Wario Land 4 intro clip just for fun, I came up with this ¨video game theory¨ of mine: Is the Golden Pyramid inspired by the legend of El Dorado? For those who don’t know, the legend of El Dorado was a legend about a city entirely made of gold deep in the Amazon jungle, and...
  8. Just a Wario Fan

    Target audience for the Wario series?

    What group of players does the Wario series have as its target audience? (The group of players to which the games are aimed.) Personally, I think the Wario Land series has been made specifically for players from about 9-13 years of age who also enjoy the main Mario games and have an interest in...
  9. Just a Wario Fan

    What's that face in the WL4 Sound Room entrance?

    Most of those who have played Wario Land 4 probably have wondered this at some point: What are those eyes in the entrance to the Sound Room, looking around but seemingly not doing anything else? They cannot be of Shokora because those eyes can also be seen when Princess Shokora is already...
  10. Just a Wario Fan

    Video game music that makes you happy

    Since I’m in a good mood today (things have been different), I decided to make yet another themed VGM list. The title says it all. As usual, I will start. It doesn’t matter if you already posted some of it before. As long as it makes you happy, you can post it here.
  11. Just a Wario Fan

    How has this year been for you?

    Now that only only a few days remain until next year, I have a question for you all: How has this year been for you? Have you had a nice year, or was it just plain bad? Or was it something in between? For me, the latter one is the case; I have had a great year when it comes to discovering new...
  12. Just a Wario Fan

    Favourite winter themes?

    Now that winter has officially begun (in the northern hemisphere, that is), I would like to share with you some of my favourite winter/snow themes. If you know of any nice winter themes yourself, don't hesitate to post them! :shokorachristmas: But anyway, Not necessarily a winter theme, but...
  13. Just a Wario Fan

    Wario's height?

    We've discussed Wario's weight before, but to me, the real question is how tall Wario is. Personally, I think Wario is around 170 cm or 5'7'' tall. Somewhat shorter than the average western male adult, but too tall to be considered short, as some sources consider him to be. But of course...
  14. Just a Wario Fan

    WarioWare 15th anniversary

    Exactly fifteen years ago, on March 21, 2003 WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ was released in Japan, which marked the debut of the WarioWare series and also of Jimmy T, Mona, 9-Volt and many other characters we love, not to mention all those wacky microgames! And after all those years, the...
  15. Just a Wario Fan

    What are the most important aspects of gaming?

    I want to undertake a little survey, feel free to participate. Please order the following things in order of importance, with the first thing on the list being the most important. Storyline Characters Graphics Controls Music Dialogue (if there is any) Level design Difficulty Artwork...
  16. Just a Wario Fan

    What's with Dribble and Spitz

    And the company they are working for, Diamond Taxi? They seem to be the only employees there. That makes me wonder: Do dribble and Spitz own Diamond Taxi, or are they just employees? Personally I think that there are more people working at Diamond Taxi, but that Dribble and Spitz are the only...
  17. Just a Wario Fan

    What is Wario's age?

    No, seriously, how old is Wario supposed to be? I've always thought Wario to be around 35 to 40 years old. But in some Mario games it is implied that he is somewhat younger than Mario, who is stated to be 26 years old, though he looks much older to me. But I'm pretty bad at estimating the age of...
  18. Just a Wario Fan

    Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

    What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you (and you dare to admit)? Personally, I have been in many embarrassing situations, but these were the most embarrassing to me: I accidentally blew up a small electric resistor in classroom by adding too much current. There was a...
  19. Just a Wario Fan

    Favourite numbers?

    Do you have a favourite number? If so, which number? Personally, I do have a few, and some are rather unusual: 63 175 230 947 (because 47 doubled gives 94) 1600 823,543 (7 to the power of 7)
  20. Just a Wario Fan

    Any cult movies you like?

    Are there any ¨cult¨ movies that you like? For information: a cult movie is a movie that isn't very popular or well known, but still has a small group of dedicated fans. I do have two cult movies that I like: Scum, a 1970's movie about the hard life inside a British youth penitentiary, that...