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  1. ZonicZoneCop

    The Wario Cup Thread

    Since we'll be getting challenges weekly for the foreseeable future, I thought it'd be fun to make a thread for anything people have to say about them. Posting scores, bragging about it, etc. They look to be rather interesting. ...Please don't make me play as 9-Volt again, though.
  2. ZonicZoneCop

    3rd Warioware theme (Ashley's Recipes) debuts in Japan

    Ashley's third theme comes out! And the video for it is here: It's interesting how all her themes have the same musical track remixed. Ashley's new theme?
  3. ZonicZoneCop

    Classic Wario and Waluigi Amiibo announced

    November 4th, guys.
  4. ZonicZoneCop

    Warioware (Ashley Halloween) 3DS Theme debuts in Japan

    There's a picture, and video to the theme in action. Think we'll be getting this in the states/Europe?
  5. ZonicZoneCop


    Hello, hello! Name's Zonic! So, guess I should get some introductions done! I remember finding an actual Wario game in middle school, my games club having Shake It. I remember thinking it was a one-off, then finding Wario had a simply absurd backlong of games. I got into Warioware, that led to...