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  1. I.M.Gibbon

    I think Panic Bomber could have made a good VB Wario puzzle game

    I think that, like Wario Blast before it, Panic Bomber could have made a nice Wario game in the localization process. It's got the quirkiness, the oddities, and you could have replaced the explicitly Bomberman characters with like Birdo and such.
  2. I.M.Gibbon

    Anyone play The Other Brothers?

    The Other Brothers came out on iOS some years back (2013ish?) and was supposed to come out on PC & Mac, but, yeah I don't think that ever happened. Anyway, it's clearly meant to be Wario & Waluigi with just enough deniability to avoid Nintendo suing them a new asshole. In my...
  3. I.M.Gibbon

    Best Wario-themed Romhacks/Conversions?

    Browsing through various hacks, looking for "new" Wario stuff to play. So far, I've found a ton of "just edit Mario to look like Wario" hacks, but there are a few standouts. The best ones so far, IMO, are as follows: Wario Bwast (hack of Bomberman for the NES) Pretty straightforward...
  4. I.M.Gibbon

    I wonder if we could convince Konami to have Wario in some upcoming Bomberman title

    Sega had Eggman in a recentish Puyo thing in recognition of Mean Bean Machine as part of the series' past, as seen here: I wonder if we could convince Konami to do something similar, canonizing & celebrating Wario Blast
  5. I.M.Gibbon

    games like Wario's Woods

    Was looking around for successors to Wario's Woods, just to see if anyone else had done the whole "tetris attack but with an actual platforming character running around" thing. Came across this game called Egg Mania that seems to be similar, with different theming: Anyone know of any others?
  6. I.M.Gibbon

    We should petition for a Shake Dimension port for Switch

    The game's graphics haven't really aged at all, I'm sure it would look as fantastic as ever. Little work for them, just port it over. Introduce a whole new generation to the real Wario, alongside Captain Syrup!
  7. I.M.Gibbon

    So who is this evil Mario lookalike with the V on his hat?

    As seen here:
  8. I.M.Gibbon

    Wario debuted on the Famicom Disk System maybe?

    As seen here: Interesting...
  9. I.M.Gibbon

    Is Maple in Mario Golf Captain Syrup?

    Shake It revealed that Syrup's first name is Maple. Is the Maple in Mario Golf actually Captain Syrup enjoying a spot of sport with friends? Would stealthily fit in with the subtle Wario Land references in Mario spinoffs around that time, like Sherbet Land in Mario Kart 64...
  10. I.M.Gibbon

    Anyone notice how much Super Mario 64 drew from the early Wario Land games?

    Focus on collecting treasures (stars) as a means to an end, with more treasures meaning better ending(s). Paying a toll to progress deeper into the game. The ground pound, which hadn't been in Mario games prior. Emphasis on picking up and throwing enemies and objects in the environment...
  11. I.M.Gibbon

    WayForward should do a Shantae/Wario crossover game

    The Shantae series is where I get the same sort of fix I got from the older Wario Land games these days, and I really think the two series would mesh well. Have Risky and Syrup team up against the awkward tag-team of Shantae and Wario, each with their own unique style of "transformation" haha.
  12. I.M.Gibbon

    Waluigi's Mansion - or - what would a Γ game look like?

    So, Wario's games started out as a twist on the Mario Bros formula and became their own thing. Luigi's series went off in a completely different direction and have revolved around a unique style of non-platforming gameplay. Should Waluigi start with Luigi's Mansion as a base and change it up...
  13. I.M.Gibbon

    Rudy - Wario's Bowser?

    Given Rudy's appearance in Dr Mario 64, and how it was presented in such a way that the player is assumed to know who he is, does anyone else think they were trying to set Rudy up as Wario's Bowser character? It would be interesting to see how that would have played out over the years. I can...
  14. I.M.Gibbon

    Foreman Spike

    Anyone else wish they'd bring this guy back? I wouldn't even mind it if he was sort of like the Wario series' Cranky Kong, except instead of old and hunched over, he's just gotten more muscular and hard-ass with age. I could totally see him as Wario's badass grandpa or uncle or something similar.
  15. I.M.Gibbon

    [Poll] Dr Mario 64 - Best Cameo game?

    Honestly, this game should have been Dr Wario. Mario's not really even the main character of the story, he just assumes Wario's up to no good and gets in his way while Wario attempts to foil Rudy. It was nice seeing WL3 stuff branch over into a spinoff, and gave a sense that Wario's individual...
  16. I.M.Gibbon

    Howdy all

    Hopping on over from the DK forums to say hello! Nice to see a Wario community for a change. The virtual boy Wario Land was the game that hooked me on the possibilities of games and started me on the long road that has ended with me being a professional game dev in the Seattle area. I have a...