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  1. Random Adam

    Should I get Rhythm Heaven?

    I've never played it before, what's it about? Should I get it?
  2. Random Adam

    Smash Bros Tier Lists

    Post your tier lists here, here is mine. I haven't played much of the characters, but I watched the trailers and decided depending how buffed/nerfed/how hard they were to kill in Sm4sh. It might be incorrect.
  3. Random Adam

    Wario Rap Names

    Sounds ridiculous, but I was running out of ideas for a thread topic.
  4. Random Adam

    Watch this creation of god

    Do it please
  5. Random Adam

    How'd you find about the Wario Land/Ware series, and what makes you like him?

    I found about the Wario Land series by Youtuber Whoisthisgit, and he did a video on Wario Land 4. I got interested in the series after looking into the games, and playing them The reason I like Wario is his greedy, funny, weird, and cool personality. He also is relatable at times, as for liking...
  6. Random Adam

    Why is Ashley so popular?

    I don't get it?
  7. Random Adam

    Rest In Peace, Chris "SpookyWoobler" Taylor the Dedicated Smash Bros. Fan

    Chris Taylor, a Smash fan with cancer, has recently passed away. Before he left us, however, Nintendo had sent him an early copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate to fulfill his final wish, as he wasn't able to survive till December 7th. May he rest in peace, and may we wish the best wishes to his...
  8. Random Adam

    In Smash Ultimate, does Wario's gold button count as reference to Wario Land 4?

    I've used this as examples to Wario Land portrayal in Smash, but is it really?
  9. Random Adam

    Why won't my item work?

    I have a Wario item, but I can't activate it. How can I activate it?
  10. Random Adam

    What's your favorite Wario Land 4 level?

    Mine personally is Golden Passage:goldenpassage:
  11. Random Adam

    [Poll] Does "Wario World" and "Wario: Master of Disguise" count as Wario Land titles?

    I mean.. they both are Wario platformers containing basic movements like shoulder bashing.
  12. Random Adam

    What are you doing/dressing up for Halloween?

    I'm asking so I have an idea for what to do. I'm dressing up as Zombie Wario
  13. Random Adam

    Ideas for the next possible Wario Land?

    What do you think Nintendo will have in store for us in a next (possible) Wario Land? Like what would it be about?
  14. Random Adam

    I'm New to Forums

    I haven't used a forum before, so I don't exactly know how everything works. Could someone explain to me how this site works?