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  1. Yikes Spike

    Super Mario Brox X (1.4)

    Guys, this is real: Does that mean we could share episodes on this forum? And another thing: Don't get excited, I don't know how to sprite and this is the best I could do: Wario replacing Toad: Fire Wario (Colors based on the Virtual Boy) Magic Cape Wario (I was affriad that if I...
  2. Yikes Spike

    [Fan Content] Wario's rampage in Super Smash

    He may have the worst representation of his franchise, but these videos are just... damn...
  3. Yikes Spike

    Fanmade Super Mario 30th Anniversary (ft. Wario Land)

    At minute 6:05
  4. Yikes Spike

    Super Mario Bros 2 the movie sequel

    Does anyone remember/seen this film? Because I do, I remember seeing it in TV. I'm posting a review just to refresh memories: Well that movie got a sequel, but the odd part is that it's presented as a webcomic:
  5. Yikes Spike

    A long time ago...

    A long time ago, before I even went further about the Super Mario games, there was these: So what do you think? Old media that you remember thread?
  6. Yikes Spike

    Wario cursors

    Has anyone brought these in here?
  7. Yikes Spike

    Mario kart related (Wario kart)

    Outstanding job! (Fanmade below, official above)
  8. Yikes Spike

    Wario Land 2 in a promotional thing.

    I've seen NES and SNES versions, but they did an outstanding job with this one:
  9. Yikes Spike

    Wario's & Waluigi's eyes

    Not important but interesting:
  10. Yikes Spike

    Mario & Wario parody.

    I commissioned this artist called to create a spoof title of: Into Chun-li (Street Fighter) & Chumlee (Pawn Stars):
  11. Yikes Spike

    Wario in the Kool 90's.

    Wario's facts that debuted around the 90 to the early 2000's (Gameboy to Gamecube) I found a fact that Mario kart 64 (Wario the racer debut) is pretty much a rare game to find, and the price goes to around the $1000.
  12. Yikes Spike

    Wario designed for the user's icons