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    If you could parody any famous western cartoon meme(s) with Wario and/or Waluigi, which one(s) would you choose?

    For me, the most likely contenders would be these five, in no particular order: Duck Season from Looney Tunes: Mario and Wario argue with each other over whether it's "Italian Season" or "American Season" for Bowser (ripping labeled-as-such sheets of paper from a ridiculously thick stack that...
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    Who are your favorite greedy bastards in video games, besides Wario himself? (mild spoiler warning)

    Just to name the top 11 most obvious examples IMO: Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek (Ratchet & Clank 1): While he may have been considerably humanized by the game's (incredibly lame) PS4 reboot, Chairman Drek was absolute pure evil incarnate back in the original 2002 version of R&C...
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    If you could hack Wario Land 4 to the point of replacing the Mini-Game Shops with fifth stages ripped from other games, which stages would you choose?

    Personally, here are my top three candidates for each passage (NOTE: this is basically assuming that you also hacked the game to the point of giving it a whole new engine; also, this is a bit of an in-joke about the fact that so very, very much of Wario Land 4 II's soundtrack is already going to...
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    Wario Land 4 is easily the third weirdest mainstream platformer I've ever played (with the first and second being Rayman Origins and Earthworm Jim)

    Being an excellent game in general (despite the fact that it is clearly far too easy even on Super Hard mode) and having ball-bustingly phenomenal art/sound design aside, Wario Land 4, in my opinion, seriously deserves more recognition for turning its franchise's signature weirdness into the...