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  1. chibi-robo

    Most ridiculous fan fic ideas you've ever seen?

    i havent read much fanfic but i think the fic where Kaede eats Shuichi turned into sushi takes the cake
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  3. chibi-robo

    oh yeah!

    oh yeah!
  4. chibi-robo

    Spanish version of Penny's Song

    oh my god its so cute! i might like this one as much (or more) than the english version!
  5. chibi-robo

    Pyoro's real voice

    i was thinking about a grown man recording pyoro's lines. im scared.
  6. chibi-robo

    The Wario Cup Thread

    I havent gotten any in this week due to my switch being lost. Though tbh i havent done much in the wario cup.
  7. chibi-robo

    I like cookie run, and u h...

    I like cookie run, and u h...
  8. chibi-robo

    yeah!! im doing good :)

    yeah!! im doing good :)
  9. chibi-robo

    What inspired your user name?

    it rhymed also ignore the typo it was too late when i noticccccccccccccccccccccccccced
  10. chibi-robo

    Characters! Who do you play as?

    -Penny. No questions needed. -5-Volt because op -Orbulon cause funky alien guy!!! funky!!!!!! -Ashley, one cause w o t c h, other cause op. the other being ashleyware: get it ashleygether -Lulu, because she reminds me of apples for some reason and i love apple themed characters