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  1. Exeggutor

    Pokémon ORAS Secret base sharing

    I made this thread if you want to to share your secret bases with others. And also because you don't have the upload a file option in conversations for some reason. Mine is inside Rusturf Tunnel by the way.
  2. Exeggutor

    I'm back!

    Sorry I dissapeared for the last two months or so. But now I'll be able to be more active! ^_^
  3. Exeggutor

    I guess I could put those here... Yeah, I made some fanfictions things here. What do you think?
  4. Exeggutor


    What are you watching at youtube? Do you have an account there? Say it here! As for myself, I don't have an youtube account, but there are some things I recomend... First of all, whoisthisgit. He uses text, and makes very interesting videos. I really reccomend. There is also Really...
  5. Exeggutor

    Any good time trial records you have in WL3?

    I never tried any of the time trials in Wario Land 3. Did you?
  6. Exeggutor

    Pokémon Discussion

    Since the old one got deleted, I might as well make it again. Anyway, to give this a kickstart, I bring up an eternal question: What is your favorite Pokémon????????????????
  7. Exeggutor

    The Stagnant Swamp's boss...

    No, not the skeleton, the other... thing. This one: I was going to ask what in the world this thing is supposed to be, but I went to Mario Wiki and discovered... That I am dumb. The big brown part is actually his head! I always though that the brown part has his tail and spiky part his...
  8. Exeggutor

    I never noticed how the mini-game shop music...

    Is so catchy! I finaly stayed in it for more than 5 seconds, and it is pretty cool!
  9. Exeggutor

    Wario Land 3 in RCT3

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is a very old game. It's a game about building theme parks. My goal is: Recreate Wario Land 3 in it! I already started building the west side: Well, it is not perfect, but it is something. And this is only the start, I need to fix some things, build some more, etc...
  10. Exeggutor

    Will you buy Tomodachi Life?

    I definitely will. It looks very fun and crazy. I mean, I really like the idea of all my miis interacting together. But will you buy it?
  11. Exeggutor

    [Poll] Best Level from Sapphire Passage?

    From the levels of the rather creepy and eerye passage, which is your favorite? I don't like any of then very much, but if I had to chose, I guess I like the atmosphere from hotel horror. ( Also, sorry for the many threads I made. I want to make a contest thingy. :3 )
  12. Exeggutor

    [Poll] Best Level from Topaz Passage?

    In the toy themed passage, which is the better level? In my opinion it's toy block tower no contest. The big board has okay, doodle woods was awful, and domino row is annoying.
  13. Exeggutor

    [Poll] Best Level from Ruby Passage?

    What do you think is the best level from the ruby passage? For me, I chose the pinball zone, though it also ties with 40 below fridge. ( Expecting the toxic landfill to win and the curious factory to get the least votes. )
  14. Exeggutor

    [Poll] Best Level from Emerald Passage?

    So, in your opinion, what is the best level from the emerald passage? Mine is Palm Tree Paradise, not only is it pretty, it also has the catchy Medamayaki music!
  15. Exeggutor

    [Poll] Best Wario Land 4 Passage?

    All of the Wario Land 4 passages are very good and interesting, but, what is your favourite? For me, its probably the Golden Passage.