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  1. Rei

    Text Glitches?

    SoI came back onto the forums today then this happened What should I do? XD
  2. Rei

    Super RPG Battler

    Alright,now don't expect anything too amazing from this,but here's a game that I made in 3 days (Which is the longest it ever took me to make a 'game'). (It's browser based,which is both a plus and bad thing) It's broken as hell,by the way. I'm...
  3. Rei

    New Legit Wario Land Game for Phones

    here's the game it seems to be a hybrid of Pokemon Go + Wario Land I'm fine with getting up and walking around if it means Wario is making money again. Nintendo hasn't told us much besides it's coming out in March of next year,along with this sick art that I found.
  4. Rei

    Stranded on an Island RP

    So here's my role play even though I thought I didn't like them and I thought thu were cheesy. But I'm enjoying doing role playing. So your stranded on an island and you have to live with anyone you meet. You can use any characters you want. But you must cooperate with other people on the island...
  5. Rei

    Star Emojis

    Alright,I spent a few weeks working on these. They're mainly use for myself but I don't mind if anyone else uses them. So here's them all! Happy Sad Angry Glare Really? Very Happy Oh. Shocked Crying Nervous WHAT. Sleeping Dead Laughing Silly Unsure Tongue Swagger
  6. Rei

    Animal Crossing:New Leaf

    I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing New Leaf lately and I was wondering if anyone else had any expirence to share? I got attacked by a tarantula! XP Feel free to share anything Animal Crossing:New Leaf related,guides(How to catch rare bugs/fish,make money fast,get villager's...
  7. Rei

    Reianoid's funny game moments

    (These are outside let's plays!) Hah! I don't have internet connection! XD
  8. Rei

    Reianoid's Doodles

    One,Sorry about the image size. =/ Two,These are some weird pictures I've made,I have 200+ (Most of which are unfinished...) And I took these with an IPhone,which is why some of them are put in weird angles. So here is some stupid stuff I made. =P If you guys want to see the actually good but...
  9. Rei

    [Poll] What matters most in games?

    What kind favorite gameplay element matters most to you in games? Mine goes like this: 1.Gameplay 2.Sound/Music 3.Story 4.Graphics (Yes, I know some gameplay elements need other gameplay elements for eachother to work better.)
  10. Rei

    [Upcoming Game] Blockle Adventure By:Reianoid

    I'm currently working on a tiny,quick & easy game. This will be my first time making a game and uploading it onto the internet. The game will be able to be played on most Web Browsers as long as you have Flash. The game is still in early development so it may take a week or so. But I'll spread...
  11. Rei

    Wario Land 2 & 3 Sounds/Music Similarities

    Warning! Contains spoilers for Wario Land 3! So when I was playing through Wario Land 2, I found myself listening to the same music and sounds from Wario Land 3,most of which were completely unaltered. Like the Reactions music that plays for each one,sounds exactly the same. And the Ghost...
  12. Rei

    Opinions on Wario Land Shake it?

    This is probably the least spoken about for the Wario Land games, either that or Virtual Boy Wario Land. But Personally it's a pretty good game,though it kinda took it's 'Rush to exit the level' Thingy from Wario Land 4. Though the shaking mechanic is cool! The story is interesting,and it's...
  13. Rei

    Popular Games you haven't played!

    You know that moment when somebody is talking to you about a really popular game,and the you say "Ummm...I never played that game." And then everyone freaks out? Well yeah that's me all the time...So the popular game i haven't played is all Metroid games,except Zero Mission...And there's still...
  14. Rei

    [Poll] Would you rather me play...

    Minecraft or Terraria on my youtube channel? I'm setting up a youtube channel and I know I'll get around to both,but which should I do first?
  15. Rei


    Uh,Hey! I'm Reianoid and new to these forums! So,I thought to drop in and say hey.