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  1. CM30

    Wario Forums Has Now Been Upgraded!

    Well folks, here's an announcement you may not have been expecting! Basically, I've now bought a new server for Wario Forums and Gaming Reinvented, and migrated both the sites over there earlier today. As a result, they're now both running on the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, and have...
  2. CM30

    The Wario Forums Discord Server is Being Merged with Studio21

    Hey folks, as you know, I've not exactly been too active here or on the Discord server. Indeed, with Gaming Reinvented taking so much of my time recently, I've not had the energy nor inspiration to focus on this place full time. As a result, I've now decided (along with the rest of the staff...
  3. CM30

    Oh hey, someone made an awesome cover of the Greenhorn Forest Theme from Wario World for Mario ROM hacks...

    It's called Anthem of Greed, and can be heard here: Honestly, I really like this one. It's very loud and energetic, and sounds perfect for a Wario themed level in a SMW ROM hacks as a result. Definitely a remix worth checking out if you...
  4. CM30

    A quick update from Wario Forums

    I've just upgraded a few add ons, so hopefully everything still works as expected. I may upgrade PHP and MySQL in general for the server at some point too, since both this site and Gaming Reinvented are being limited at the moment. So welcome back folks!
  5. CM30

    [Poll] So, favourite WarioWare game so far?

    Given I haven't asked this since Get Together Was Released. So, which game in the series is your favourite and why?
  6. CM30

    [Upcoming Game] Seems another Wario Land Spiritual Successor Has Been Announced...

    It's called Antonblast, and can be seen here: Personally I'm really interested in it, and looks rather good overall. But what do you think?
  7. CM30

    Anyone know any more about this UK WarioWare DIY ad?

    It has Wario saying Tesco: So I'm curious... is that Charles Martinet saying that? Or just someone who sounds like him?
  8. CM30

    Wario Forums Should Support Emoji Now...

    For anyone who wants to use them. I'm surprised it didn't already, but I changed the database table format so it was possible. ???
  9. CM30

    Do you like the concept of this section?

    Leave your votes and answers below!
  10. CM30

    Wario Forums Has Been Upgraded... Mostly

    Yeah, it was bugging me seeing how many versions behind we were XenForo and XenForo addon wise, so I renewed my license, then upgraded the forum software and most add ons. Now I just need to get around to upgrading PHP and fixing up the shop/points system plugins too...
  11. CM30

    I actually hit the score cap in this game?

    Yeah, I'm surprised too. I guess Orbulon really is just THAT good.
  12. CM30

    [Upcoming Game] All the remaining characters have been leaked...

    Yep, thanks to a new video someone posted showing the 'play as all characters' option in WarioWare: Get It Together. You can see the video here (at least for now, it may be taken down by tonight/tomorrow): And all the remaining unseen characters below. Obvious spoilers await!
  13. CM30

    A new overview trailer has been posted...

    Seems like it's got a lot more info about the game (including multiplayer modes), so definitely worth checking out.
  14. CM30

    We've now added a section for WarioWare: Get It Together

    Given that it's a major new game in the WarioWare series, and we thought people here might want to discuss it in a separate section or what not. So yeah, post anything interesting you find that's related to the game there, and we'll hopefully change up a few other aspects of the site in future...
  15. CM30

    [Upcoming Game] WarioWare: Get It Together Trailer

    Here's the trailer for the game from the recent E3 presentation, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet:
  16. CM30

    Oh hey, this guy posted a bunch of Wario manga scans...

    Could be quite interesting for those who want to check them out or what not:
  17. CM30

    Wario Land EX Has Now Been Released

    It's a major ROM hack of Wario Land 2 with new levels and stuff, so it definitely seems like something people should try at some point or another: But what do you think about it?
  18. CM30

    We Are Now Affiliated with WarioWare Gold Reanimated!

    Remember WarioWare Gold Reanimated, that awesome project to redraw/animate the cutscenes in WarioWare Gold that @Behonkiss is running? Well, we're now officially an affiliate of the project and their Discord server! Check out the first video for the project here: Their Twitter here...
  19. CM30

    Upgraded Forum Software, Most Add ons

    If you see any obvious screw ups, tell me in a response to this thread. Either way, that was a freaking nighrmare, so I'm glad almost everything is up to date now. Just need to upgrade to PHP 7.4 for the credits add on too.
  20. CM30

    We Seriously Forgot to Wish You Guys a Happy New Year?

    Huh, I guess that shows how little interest I've had in the forums recently, given I haven't checked the site all that much since Christmas. Either way, here's wishing you guys a happy new year, and just saying that if you want to speak to us a bit more, we're generally a bit more active on...