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    Foreman Spike

    The Wrecking Crew tie in with Mario Tennis:
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    WaryLand for SMBX 1.4.4. - Update 4.0

    Redesigned levels to make them bearable Updated animation sheets
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    Fan Art!
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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)
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    Fan Art!
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    Wario-related randomness

    If Wario debuted in SMW, which sprite sheet would've been accurate?: I'd say this one, considering SMW got rushed and they couldn't have more time for details Then there's: Could've been a redesign for the GBA port. And of course: You could assume it's the Mario Maker redesign, in a similar...
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    General Wario references thread (Now with Index on page 13).

    Basically the origin of Dribble and Spitz.
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    Official Waluigi Thread
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    Official Waluigi Thread
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    Wario-related randomness

    So I finally tried SMBx 2.0, with Wario in it: And he plays much more different than it looks, for starters both his run and shoulder bash are coded separately, like if you're playing it with a SNES controller you need to press both X and Y, you could configure it with the L button (like in...
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    Official Waluigi Thread
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    Fan Art!
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    Fan Art!