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    Wario-related randomness

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    Wario headcanons?

    So the Water Park track in Mario Kart 8 might be referring that Wario owns an amusement park: Although it's not categorized as a Wario track because its staff ghost racers just happen to be Baby Mario and Baby Luigi.
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    Wario-related randomness

    Waluigi Stadum feels like an updated version of Wario Stadium from the N64 era, because of these particular shortcuts:
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    Fan Art!
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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)
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    Foreman Spike
  7. Yikes Spike

    Foreman Spike
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    Wario-related randomness

    The most spot on impression of Wario I've ever heard.
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    This should be Wario's...

    Wario should've been an Nintendo Switch exclusive playable character in this game: No wonder why it got shut down months later after release.
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    Fan Art!
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    Will Wario's new voice actor be the same as Mario/Luigi's?

    There are actors who can pull out the Waluigi voice:
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    General Wario references thread (Now with Index on page 13).

    Wario-like boss in what it seems to be a Goemon's spiritual successor game:
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    Fan Art!
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    Official Waluigi Thread
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    Fan Art!
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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)
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    Fan Art!