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  1. Pig

    I will be nice now

    It's ok, Wario Man, I forgive you, hahah. Keep it fresh, yeah? Just like old times. Heheh.
  2. Pig

    Today I'm really piggin' it! *shulkdface*

    Today I'm really piggin' it! *shulkdface*
  3. Pig

    Official Waluigi Thread

    Post your favorite pictures and discussions of the unsung brother here, hahah...I'll start us off. :) Edit: Had to fix image Fix your forums. -_-
  4. Pig

    It's me. Pig.

    Hey there, Glowquid. Long time no see! Hahah.
  5. Pig

    Did I dream it up?

    Haha, it's ok, TC. I am also known for my lack of regard for magazines. Notorious for it, some would say in some circles but don't tell anybody! Hahah.
  6. Pig

    Wario Related Dreams

    Heheh...goo0d thing this is a dream thread, 'cause you're dreaming, sister!
  7. Pig

    Wario Related Dreams

    Wow, way to troll. How about you get a life instead of insulting us real wario fans. -_-
  8. Pig

    Wario Amiibo...

    Heheh, it's fine. I suppose we can't all be wario forum vets like me. You're okay! ^_^
  9. Pig

    Wario Amiibo...

    Can you please put spoiler tags on the amiibo? Some of us don't have it yet. *eyeroll*.
  10. Pig

    Hey, I"m new here.

    Hey there, Krummy Koopa. Heheh. I'm glad to see you. I hope everything's all right and you're okay! Heheh.
  11. Pig

    It's me. Pig. again. Ignored, just like last time. Seriously, I can't believe you're still around. I won't deal with your harassment and flaming this time. :D
  12. Pig

    It's me. Pig.

    Haha. Too quick for me, Cthulhuigi. Time to get back to my old stomping grounds.
  13. Pig

    It's me. Pig.

    Heheh. Us Wario fans, eh? Us Wario fans, eh?! Us Wario fans, eh?! Us Wario fans, eh?!
  14. Pig

    It's me. Pig.

    Ah, old rival. Surpr9ised to see you still kickin' it. Heheh. Imscared:
  15. Pig

    Piggin' it ;)

    Piggin' it ;)
  16. Pig

    It's me. Pig.

    Hey, good to see you guys again! Haha.
  17. Pig

    It's me. Pig.

    Hey there. Haha, it's me, Pig. I've been away for a while, but now I'm back.