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  1. ZonicZoneCop

    The Ashley and Red Thread.

    The one person in the world to own the Crazy Galaxy full release is here
  2. ZonicZoneCop

    New Wario series sales thread

    As many have said, Warioware games are more known for having good legs than initial sales. So good initial sales mean incredibly good news for the series.
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    The Wario Cup Thread

    Since we'll be getting challenges weekly for the foreseeable future, I thought it'd be fun to make a thread for anything people have to say about them. Posting scores, bragging about it, etc. They look to be rather interesting. ...Please don't make me play as 9-Volt again, though.
  4. ZonicZoneCop

    New Wario series sales thread

    I can add onto the anecdotal reports at least: my Gamestop only had pre-ordered copies remaining the morning I went to pick it up. But yeah, Warioware's always been more of a "Pick it up whenever you feel like" than a "get it on launch" series to most. The digital sales are promising, though.
  5. ZonicZoneCop

    What new characters would you like to see in DLC or a sequel?

    After Mario Party got online multiplayer 2 years after the fact, I refuse to lose hope in anything. If Wario Land's currently in cryo for the time being, I'd love to see some of its characters booted into this game. Would be a quick and dirty way to celebrate Wario's 30th next year without...
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    Now that it's been out for a few days, how do you feel about the game? (spoilers are ok!)

    Alrighty! So let's see: GOOD: -The gimmick works incredibly well with this game, and unlike something like DIY where the microgames were obviously compromised quality-wise to allow for said gimmick, they're about on par with most WW games. -It's nice to see a general focus on the ensemble...
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    Wario headcanons?

    AND underslept, according to Wario Deluxe’s character card.
  8. ZonicZoneCop

    The Leo Thread!

    To be completely technical, since the cutscenes these time are actual, in-universe cutscenes rather than snippets of everyone's life set to microgames, he might just be Kat and Ana's oc. (Also, the credits call him Leo.)
  9. ZonicZoneCop

    Changing Wario's clothes

    There's not any clothing changes beyond color swaps, no. You're free to make his shirt yellow and his jacket purple to emulate classic Wario's look, though.
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    [Upcoming Game] WarioWare: Get it Together! announced for Nintendo Switch!

    Seems like the game itself is solid as usual, whether you like the concept of switching to character gameplay will be what makes or breaks it. And the demo won me over, so I'll probably like it. Still a little miffed about that one review saying they put it down after story mode. That's where...
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    Oh wow, it's been a while. Congrats on that new game, everyone!

    Oh wow, it's been a while. Congrats on that new game, everyone!
  12. ZonicZoneCop

    So what’s up with Penny's absence from Get It Together?

    She could just be hosting some side mode or something. Maybe she just takes part in the story of Crygor's level or something? I'm sure they'll explain it when it comes.
  13. ZonicZoneCop

    Warioware Gold Discussion

    The next (And what I assume is the last) Warioware Gold character trailer's here! It's Lulu!
  14. ZonicZoneCop

    Wario in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    While this WAS mentioned before in the shuffle of direct news, I thought it was neat enough to bring up again. In exchange for being bumped as assists, Kat and Ana are Master Spirits! They can't be equipped, but they can train your other spirits to augment their abilities. Their Ninja style...
  15. ZonicZoneCop

    Wario in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Since I didn't see any mention of it, Shokora's battle is against her alongside an NPC Wario and Mr. Game and Watch!
  16. ZonicZoneCop

    Do you consider there to be two Warios in a manner similar to Classic and Modern Sonic?

    I like to imagine WarioWare Wario is just the side we see when he isn't motivated by some incredible adventure.
  17. ZonicZoneCop

    Wario in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    To be honest, I'm totally fine with trophies being just art, if it means THIS many characters get represented. ...Plus, Warioware trophies are usually 2D anyway. It's not like we're losing out on anything.
  18. ZonicZoneCop

    The making of Gold Digger

    This is a.....very specific choice for an interview. But also, satisfying! I never considered that the pinky wouldve been chosen because of difficulty.
  19. ZonicZoneCop

    Warioware Gold Discussion

    The Demo's officially up on the US Eshop!
  20. ZonicZoneCop

    Warioware Gold Discussion

    Usually around 12EST, so not long from now!