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  1. Terrormisu

    WTT Concepts (No spoilers)

    Who is Jenny? why am i pinged here?
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    How did you discover Wario Forums?

    Weario's HD uncompressions of the WL4 OST, they had a link in their description i went to and i found the atmosphere simply thrilling.
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    Any Wario Land games you were disappointed in?

    Thirding Shake Dimension. it just wasn't interesting to me. Wario didn't seem as vulgar as he should be (but they definitely kept his looks intact which im happy for because many interpretations of him out of WarioLand make him look ugly when he actually looks really damn good especially for his...
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    Sites and creators you miss from the olden days?, while still alive has significantly less features than it used to be and it's showing. It used to be a full MySpace alternative with a full focus on music and less customization (yknow so it wasn't eyevomit levels but still a lot) and now all it is is music tracking as well as comments...
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    it's getting rough i won't lie because now i gotta say HE MADE POKEMON BLACK2 LETS PLAY PART 15

    it's getting rough i won't lie because now i gotta say HE MADE POKEMON BLACK2 LETS PLAY PART 15
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    waddup babyz, ask me anythin!!!!!

    Oh, that loser Italian Mario! I mean, he contains the same blood as this lovely, paradise-like lady you see here, ...Not in that way, fool! I mean nationality! ...But anyways, he's a total SLAG! Always letting that perverted, repugnant New Yorker cheating on that pushover shortie with a gigantic...
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    waddup babyz, ask me anythin!!!!!

    one of my first consoles was the GameBoy Advance, which had 1 game. that game was WarioWare Inc. I played it and was fucking mesmerized at the really wacky, snarky and often times just stupid sense of humor and how "raw" it felt? Even though it had an E rating it felt like it wasn't holding back...
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    What would a Waluigi series be like?

    i've always thought that since both of their designs are supposed to resemble Germanic mafia-men, and Wario's games are hyper-violent beat em up puzzle games, Waluigi's games in comparison would be experimental shooters, kind of like killer7, with a cartoonish colorful but also bleak and...
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    Wario Forums Now Has 80,000 Posts!

    Wario as a character really got adopted by the internet tbh. After going dormant his popularity and personality has been kept alive by countless internet fananimations, fanart and other nonsense. I think we have only the internet to thank for this series even still being known LOL, if it was...
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    Anyone feel the internet is getting boring nowadays?

    no, you're definitely right. Really it's been a slope that's been falling since 2016 or so. obviously there's the "centralization" but there's also the death of flash, tools getting harder and harder to use etc. The Internet is no longer a place you can just never take seriously but it's become...
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    waddup babyz, ask me anythin!!!!!

    How dare you speak to a lady like that! I'd never be like that oppressive, idealized freak, my beauty is natural and direct! However, if you want the true story, we used to be friends in high school! It was decades before I met my prince Wario... my sunglasses-mask was even a separate color! It...
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    What Wario related vehicles do you want added to Mario Kart in future?

    as cool as it would be to see WarioWare in Smash, i feel like the WarioWare art style works way better in 2D than 3D animation, and WarioWare is too..."static" of a game to make sense really, maybe if they got their own spinoff games it'd be nice to have though! i think we're perfectly fine with...
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    Yawn, Ask me things.

    have any specific 9volt headcanons?
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    waddup babyz, ask me anythin!!!!!

    i'm surprised i never opened up one of these, throw em at me! (as long as it's NOT about that brat Carpaccio, manipulative fiend who disrespects ladies!)
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    Let's recite Living With Wario episode 2 one line at a time

    prrt OHH MY GOSH MY STOMACH pffftsh OOOH MY GOODNESS! I'm trying to read this Magazine! There goes stupid Mario prrt And there i go! Oh my gosh! Princess Peach is on the wall! Hey Princess! PRRT OOOOH MY GOODNESS! TOO MUCH GARLIC CHEESE! This is hurting me! Oh there goes stupid Mario on my...
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    Happy New Year from Wario Forums!

    happy new year! hope we we see even more WARIOS! (except maybe with a better voice)
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    Merry Christmas folks!

    ahah, thank you! yes im very happy with it, all of the stuff i got is bringing back old memories since i used to have a lot of the stuff im recollecting from my childhood :] did you get anything interesting ?
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    Merry Christmas folks!

    Waluigi , Pyramid Head and Jack Frost plush, a bunch of money, WarioWare: Move It! The Wind Waker, Pokemon Black and a few other things !
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    [Upcoming Game] To those who played WarioWare: Move It, what are your thoughts so far?

    I've finally gotten the game in my collection and I love it, but there's a lot to be improved. The microgames themself are INCREDIBLE, i find them super unique and fun! But the controls are WAY too finnicky. Sometimes it'll just slingshot me back to the default position for no reason...