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  1. Domi

    If a third-party developer make the next Wario Land game, who should it be?

    Platinum Games should do a Wario game with Melee combat!! :cool: In all seriousness, either Good Feel (for obvious reasons) or maybe Mercury Steam, if only because, aside from what has been already said, it'd be sweet to see Wario and Metroid sharing developers once again, just like in the old...
  2. Domi

    My pitch for a new Wario Land game

    Because giving opinions on the internet is free... why not doing that myself? While I personally don't care if we ever get a new WL game as long as it's a new Wario platformer game, I'm pretty sure that'd be a new WL and not something else (but please Nintendo, we need Wario World 4K with more...
  3. Domi

    Physical merch thread (formely "Japanese pre-order bonus revealed")

    This is something I would actually use a lot... Hopefully it's released in other countries... right...
  4. Domi

    Wario vs. (Insert foe here)

    I found the question quite unremarkable, as we all are ware that no foe or enemy could possibly dream to ever dethrone our beloved big double u.
  5. Domi

    What would you like to see in a Wario Land 6?

    I would like to see it happen.
  6. Domi

    Wario-related randomness

    Smash Bros developers be like
  7. Domi


    I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical about this game at first. Between the change in gameplay and the fact the game was made during Covid times, I didn't want another Mario Golf: Super Rush situation. Then I played the demo and it was fine, but didn't really grab me. But much later I gave it...
  8. Domi

    So... what the hell was that secret last level in WL 2?

    Oh, so the smartasses were trolling? Haha... :thiefkneeling: That's actually interesting, specially cause last year I finished an excellent platformer that happens to be a metaphor for cancer and how it affected the main developer. Do you think the final big... enemy what's-its-name represents...
  9. Domi

    Ideas for the next possible Wario Land?

    I've been thinking about this lately, and for me, the most realistic scenario takes in mind many things: - WL4 as the currently most popular game in the franchise - The rumors of VBWL having a cancelled remake - VBWL being the only WL stuck on the Virtual Boy. - The fact that WL4 is the only...
  10. Domi

    Wario Land 4 Parallel World is out & completed (v1.0)

    I'm excited to give it a chance but right now I need to take a break from playing the WL series then I want to finish playing the remaining games. Nonetheless, I will play this romhack one day, sooner or later. I've been following its development so you can bet I'm not lying NoNoNo:
  11. Domi

    Wario Related Dreams

    I just ad a dream in which I was playing Virtual Boy Wario Land in higher difficulties, and the game had a lot of extra spikes that you had to avoid in order to progress. I'm aware that the real game actually offers a hard mode with extra spikes, but in my dream, there was another difficulty...
  12. Domi

    Physical merch thread (formely "Japanese pre-order bonus revealed")

    Pre-order bonuses like these tend to exclusive to video game stores. You'll have to check what stores are in your area and what they have to offer. Sometimes, they offer nothing but the game.
  13. Domi

    Physical merch thread (formely "Japanese pre-order bonus revealed")

    Oh, turns out you can also get they keychain and the stickers... depending on where you preorder, but looks like you can only get one item. But looks like there's no pre-order bonuses for Australians ohgodimsad:
  14. Domi

    So... what the hell was that secret last level in WL 2?

    I've been hesitating about making a thread about this but- I need to know the answer, and almost everyone takes that level for granted or doesn't seem to question what was that. So, imagine you played the WL series back in the day except WL2. Then you decide to play the series again and finally...
  15. Domi

    I think I've figured out Nintendo's IP business strategy

    It's very easy, after the latest Nintendo Direct, to now think "wow Nintendo is willing to release new games from old entries!" but I honestly think there's a bit more to it than it meets the eyes, and I think I might have a good idea about what's going to happen in the upcoming years and why...
  16. Domi

    Physical merch thread (formely "Japanese pre-order bonus revealed")

    Meanwhile, in Spain you get a... ...poster.
  17. Domi

    Wario-related randomness

    It's just a joke picture, sometimes I like poking fun at stuff even if I like said stuff :p