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    Some art of Wario & Friends

    The Ashley server will surely love your work! Cause I love it! ;)
  2. ThAshleyChannel

    Some art of Wario & Friends

    Don't you mean Ashley and friends? Still, good work on this.
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    Any characters you don't like that much?

    The real question is how can anybody not like Ashley? The fan-favorite?!
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    The Ashley and Red Thread.

    Regardless, she is still the top choice if they were ever to add a character exclusive to WarioWare. I think it's inevitable that they'll consider adding WarioWare characters, Ashley is likely gonna be the first one to be added into a Mario Spin-off.
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    What are your guy's goals for 2019?

    At this point, it's nearly tradition to give any sort of Ashley positivity a bad rating. My bro @Double D posted about how Nintendo should make Ashley plushies and it got bad ratings, like, it shouldn't be frowned upon for liking Ashley and wanting Ashley merch.
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    The Ashley and Red Thread.

    My bestie Enlain created his own Ashley 64 Model, it's about time somebody created one of these. If someone could import it to Mario 64 that would be sick. Here's the link Nintendo 64 Ashley (BLENDER RELEASE)
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    Ideas for the next possible Wario Land?

    Wario Land should have local co-op, maybe like in a mini-game room or even two-players for the main game. Also Ashley should be a playable character with different stats, using her magic to break through obstacles. For the Nintendo Switch. I think Ashley would be a fine character to fit into...
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    Wario in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    I'm surprised Wario could even fit on the roster, just look how big he is. He'd give K.Rool a run for his money, speaking of Wario glad he does his shoulder bash again, very fun.
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    Any characters you don't like that much?

    I somewhat dislike Young Cricket and that's pretty much it, the rest of the cast I slowly grew fond of since WarioWare Gold, which is technically my first real WarioWare game
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    What are your guy's goals for 2019?

    I don't have any real goals. I have my own apartment and a well-paying job. But if I had to make one I guess I could try spending less on useless junk like games I ever hardly play and focus on getting more furniture to fit my place. Also an online goal is to promote Ashley even more, maybe...
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    Every Wario Related Spirit In World of Light (Smash Ultimate) List

    Ashley, Orbulon and 9-volt/18-volt is all I can name. Oh, and Crygore. Though I stopped playing WoL once I acquired Ashley, nothing more is left for me there.
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    What if Wario was the last survivor in World of Light (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

    Wario charges each spirit he saves, also he equips Ashley.
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    What would Wario Say?

    Wario would also say "Ashley, you are my best employee, therefore I am giving you a raise. Here, 25 cents for all your hard work."
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    Do you want the next WarioWare to retain full voice acting?

    So long as they keep Ashley's current voice actor. Seriously its the best voice for her, not that the other ones were bad but she sounded too young in the past voices. This one fits her much better.
  15. ThAshleyChannel

    The Ashley and Red Thread.

    I'd rather take all those Wario things and huck them out the window in favor for Ashley being used in the Mario spinoff series. fan favorite and heavily acknowledged by Nintendo. I'll be shocked if the next few Mario games like Kart would not include Ashley.
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    The Ashley and Red Thread.

    Yeah, nothing new of Ashley in official news, but plenty of other things to talk about her. I'm pretty sure she's still a popular character amongst fans of Nintendo and WarioWare. There's a reason Nintendo was milking Ashley's fame, it helped her a lot. I remember when she was announced for...
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    Welcome to the forums, Masters. Glad to see you arrived. I'm Kyon, also ThAshleyChannel. Known as the Witch of the WarioForums, please enjoy your stay. We have many topic channels and other goodies you'll like. Most of all, Ashley herself, and Orbulon too. :ashley2: :ashleyside: : Some people...
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    Wario says :

    Wario says :
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    Fan Art!

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    Any characters you don't like that much?

    Could this be a challenge, I wonder. Can I boot back The AshleyForums with my Ashley server this time around? Perhaps another day, Glowy. Another day....