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  1. Exeggutor

    Have you ever scored 100 or over?

    I got more than 100 in both Wario's and Ashley's stage on Smooth Moves (Which is the only Ware game I own.) That's kind of cool, right?
  2. Exeggutor

    Pokémon ORAS Secret base sharing

    I made this thread if you want to to share your secret bases with others. And also because you don't have the upload a file option in conversations for some reason. Mine is inside Rusturf Tunnel by the way.
  3. Exeggutor

    Tracks you want in Mario Kart 8's DLC?

    I want to see any SNES Bowser's Castle. In my opinion, they're much better than the GBA ones, but for some reason Nintendo decided they aren't going to be usede ever. Also Vanilla Lake 2, which is my favorite SNES track and one of my favorites tracks ever. If they pick another from GBA, please...
  4. Exeggutor

    So who did you vote for in the Smash Bros Fighter Ballot?

    I though about it for some time. First I though about the Ice Climbers, then K. Rool, then a Wario character, then something from a obscure game. I eventual though "Bleh, screw it." and voted for Birdo. I have no regrets.
  5. Exeggutor

    Think a Wario track might be in the new Mario Kart 8 DLC pack?

    They could also bring N64 Wario Stadium so they could "finish" the N64 retro tracks. (Since it's the last track remaining from that game.)
  6. Exeggutor

    Smash Bros Fighter Ballot early results

    God, some of these pictures have really bad quality. Seriously, look at Andy! And why isn't Geno on the 3rd Party list? Superstar Saga's ending clearly says he's not owned by Nintendo.
  7. Exeggutor

    My laptop hates me D:

    My laptop hates me D:
  8. Exeggutor

    So, what's the situation with Princess Shokora in Wario Land 4?

    I always imagined she was dead, and you free her soul at the ending or something like that. ...Actually, I just noticed that all the bosses and Golden Diva have that ghost smoke instead of feet, which probably means that they are ghosts. That's kind of creepy...
  9. Exeggutor

    Time zones?

    Mine's BRT -3... I think? I'm not good with time zones.
  10. Exeggutor

    can we put a fucking hard limit on signature size

    Yes, please. Some signatures right now are WAY too big. Even mine is kinda big. ( I could probably edit it if someone is bothered. )
  11. Exeggutor

    Who are your Smash 4 Mains?

    Jiggs and Zelda are the only ones I really use. I used Pac-Man when I started the game, and I'm still decent with him. Other I find interesting are Wario, Koopalings, Dr. Mario, and Robin.
  12. Exeggutor

    Roleplaying forum has been added...

    Argh, flashblacks of me in roleplaying forums and me doing miserably are coming back! Nooooooo... I'll probaby try it again someday, though.
  13. Exeggutor


    Well, I main Zelda in smash, does that count? Also, your signature is trying to destroy my laptop.
  14. Exeggutor

    Something I always wondered is why you posted so... differently when you first joined the forums.

    Something I always wondered is why you posted so... differently when you first joined the forums.
  15. Exeggutor

    Worst Video Game Characters Ever: Ashley

    My thoughs are in bold.
  16. Exeggutor

    Reborn Battles #000 - Test Battle: Best WarioWare character

    I vote for Orbulon. Orbulondiy::
  17. Exeggutor

    Donkey Kong Returns as a Playable Charatcer in MP10

    ...Did Bowser's hair always look like that? It looks kinda weird, like it's made of ice cream or something. Anyway, I hope Birdo returns.
  18. Exeggutor

    me lonestar

    Me Say Hello!
  19. Exeggutor

    Wario at Wendy's

    Whatever. This isn't the most mature way to deal with things, though.