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  1. TheOrangeToad

    Anyone know any more about this UK WarioWare DIY ad?

    Might be a decent impersonate Charles Martinet voice actor The source said that it on twitter but the user doesn't put the source link tho.
  2. TheOrangeToad

    Yeah me too

    Yeah me too
  3. TheOrangeToad

    This is a Test

    "insert EBS sound here"
  4. TheOrangeToad

    Wario Related Dreams

    (Bad English) (This dream may not be relate to wario) I've recent have a dream about me playing a warioware game on the switch. I don't know what the title of this warioware game in the dream. The Game start with Mario and a boo in a castle like area. I then enter the first level and once a...
  5. TheOrangeToad

    Fan Art! (Rhythm Heaven edition) Pretty Cute. I'll really like this fanart. I've wish the other two rappers looks like this.
  6. TheOrangeToad

    Should were have an Rhythm Heaven Forums?

    (My English isn't prefect) Okay but, Which place on the internet relating to the Rhythm Heaven series that can post about having an Rhythm Heaven Forums
  7. TheOrangeToad

    Should were have an Rhythm Heaven Forums?

    Should were have an Rhythm Heaven Forums or not? This idea may work in my opinion because it encourage rhythm heaven fans to showoff there fanmade stuff.
  8. TheOrangeToad

    Warioware Cartoon (Ideas or Discussions)

    Me too, 10 minute episodes could work well. yeah, your pretty right.
  9. TheOrangeToad

    Warioware Cartoon (Ideas or Discussions)

    (My English isn't prefect) Most of the time, video games to TV shows are bad, not super duper bad but still bad however some video games to TV shows are actually pretty good like Sonic SATam and Earthworm Jim. So I made this thread about the Warioware series that could had it own TV Show and...
  10. TheOrangeToad

    WarioWare Characters Ages

    I was wondering about what WarioWare Characters Age like penny or orbulon. I know that 9-volt is 9 years old however in japen 9-volt is 8 years old. l also know that Ashley age is 15 years old in the European Warioware touched website however we don't know Ashley age in Japen Touched website.
  11. TheOrangeToad

    Should the Gold designs stay for future games?

    I actually like Gold design a little bit more then the old designs because Mona ,Kat & Ana big amine eyes are gone which I like because Kat & Ana amine eyes just look like Kat & Ana are adult with small body which just look weird in my opinion.
  12. TheOrangeToad

    My SMW Hack SMWF The Shadow Queen Returns (Team Hack)

    Description SMWF The Shadow Queen Returns is the team hack on SMW Central that i working on for the past 1 and a half years and was inspired by other hacks like (Do The Mario Made By Tobio) and 3+World made by (Yoshi master). This Hack using Custom ASM of Sprites ,Blocks ,Uberasm and patches as...
  13. TheOrangeToad

    The Original Character Thread

    This art was made by TheJullasicFox instead of coolorangetoad64 an I edit it to had shapes. also this art is my OC toad64.
  14. TheOrangeToad

    It's me Coolorangetoad64

    Hi my name is Toad64 aka Coolorangetoad. I do SMW Hacking on 2015 and join SMWC on 2016 and I was a very big stupid user at the time because i use to ripoff Pink Gold Peach Hack Ultra Mario World The 12 magic stars but after two years I slowing getting better at SMW Hacking ,not to ripoff...