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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)

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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)

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    How difficult should a Wario Land game be?

    I say something similar to Mario, Kirby and Yoshi in a way is good. Main Adventure should be around medium level, easy to get into and not super difficult overall, but not afraid to challenge you and your skills, especially as the game progresses over time. 100% should be slightly more...
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    Fan Art!

    Today is 5-Volt's birthday and unsurprisingly, there is a good amount of fan art for it to celebrate the occassion.
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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)

    Wario land 3 remastered Hit That Nose
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    Holy shit, we can embed media now?! Nice!

    Holy shit, we can embed media now?! Nice!
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    And...we are back on the air!

    And...we are back on the air!
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    Wario headcanons?

    More juicy headcanons from yours truly. Ashley's headband is a family heirloom and has been passed down for generations on her mother's side. Ashley and Penny occassionally do magic+science experiments together. Young Cricket and Master Mantis both come from the Chai Kingdom. Dr Crygor and Dr...
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    Sonic the Hedgehog Thread

    His movie design has been leaked via a marketing firm. Honestly, this isn't outright terrible or anything, but I still don't like it that much. Seriously I just wished here they just simply embraced the absurdity full on and simply stuck closer to his Sega design instead of going for this...
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    Hi I'm new, ready to chat.

    Welcome to the wahnderful forums! hope you enjoy your time here and have a rotten good day! WAHAHAHAHA
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    How many of the series represented in Smash Bros have you actually tried?

    Super Mario - Of course, I'm a big Mario fan and like a lot of people, it was my first step into the world of Nintendo, really can't say much more about Mario honestly that hasn't already been said many times beforehand, most of his games are masterpieces at best and kind of meh at worst. The...
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    In Search of Wario Websites

    Yeah, to see one of the best Land games absent from the history of Wario while all the Mario Party/Tennis/Golf get love is fucking depressing to see... But I can't say I'm surprised TBH, especially given Nintendo's aloof attitude towards the Virtual Boy in general. Hopefully one of these day's...
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    Wario headcanons?

    Ashley is secretly a Monster Hunter and Zelda fan (Really, she's kinda of a fantasy RPG type of gamer in general), The reason why she kept it a secret is because she wants to have a reputation of someone who has no time for silly little things like video games. Though it was never a very well...
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    WarioWare's Big Miss

    Couldn't help myself.
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    WarioWare's Big Miss

    While I love what we got in the end. I would totally be down for a arguably more morally ambiguous crew. It'll definitely make sense in regards to Wario and it'll tie well into the sort of gray morality that Wario Land had going for.
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    Should the Gold designs stay for future games?

    I don't mind the eye color changes per (In fact, I actually quite like Penny having blue eyes), but it was definitely a strange and random design choice and I'm curious as to why exactly the change was made. Especially as early test footage originally featured Penny with brown eyes, clearly...
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    Should the Gold designs stay for future games?

    Something like this for example...? Yeah, something like this could work if done right. Penny edit by me and Ashley edit made by ThAshleyChannel (I think, he was the one that originally posted it on the Discord, so I'll assume he made it).
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    Hey what’d ya know, Nice to hear from you again Angler!

    Hey what’d ya know, Nice to hear from you again Angler!
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    Super Smash Bros. Assist Trophy to Fighter

    First off, all of these look very nice and the move sets here look great! Great job on all of them so far! Second off and i’ll just go ahead and ask it...Do you plan on doing move sets for Kat and Ana and/or Ashley in the near future?