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  1. Tiger21820

    Best score for Flagman D-D in Wario Land II?

    What is your best score in the Flagman D-D minigame? For those who don’t know, Flagman D-D is the completion bonus for getting all the treasures you find hidden in each level! With all that said and done, my best score is 0028!
  2. Tiger21820

    Best time for “Steal the Syrup’s treasure!!” level in Wario Land II?

    What is the best time you got in “Steal the Syrup’s treasure!!”? In case you don’t know, “Steal the Syrup’s treasure!!” (My, that’s a mouthful!) is the completion bouns for getting all the picture panels you can get at the end of each level! Anyway, my best time is: 11:04!
  3. Tiger21820

    Wario Land 3: The Master Quest: The offical thread!

    I got bored, so here is my current revision of Wario Land 3: The Master Quest (Formerly known as Almost Kaizo edition)! Please go here: ROM hack: Unnamed Wario Land 3 hack! Disclaimer: There have been some mixed reviews on the nature of this hack, but just to be clear: The focus of this hack...
  4. Tiger21820

    How are you doing?

    I am feeling fine! How about you?
  5. Tiger21820

    The 1 letter swap game!

    Post a sentence and bold and underline a word that the next poster must swap 1 letter with in his/her sentence! If you cannot swap a letter, you can add a letter, or start over with a new word! Sorry if this is in the wrong place! Minimum word length: 4 letters I will start: Tiger21820 is...
  6. Tiger21820

    The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons & Ages ROM hacks!

    Here are some more hacks for you to play! The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Ages! If you have seen my album, you have seen maps of the hack with multiple revisions! If not, go here: Video game hack level maps You should download each image and view them in order if you want to see the...
  7. Tiger21820

    How often do you use Wario as a character in video games?

    Such as in Mario Kart, Mario Party, etc. For me, since I really like Wario (He was my first "Mario" character ever), I almost always use him for every opportunity I get for playing as him (With the exception of Super Smash Bros., for which I mostly use Pikachu there)
  8. Tiger21820

    Continue this story!

    I start a story, and you post the next part! It can be anything you want! So... Once there was a (You decide next poster!)
  9. Tiger21820

    Wario Land 3 Research and findings

    I have been poking around the memory and decided to mess with the enemies, and I found a few things interesting things with certain enemies. This topic may be updated from time to time with anything else I may come across. First: The enemies that are currently on screen are temporarily stored...
  10. Tiger21820

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament Codes

    Post your tournament codes here! I will post mine: Tiger: 3262-5897-4251 Fire & Ice!: 3792-8755-9723
  11. Tiger21820

    Nintendo Switch & 3DS friend code sharing thread

    Share your Nintendo Switch & 3DS friend codes here! Here's mine: 3DS #1 (Add this one first, this is the one I use the most): 0302-0580-1162 3DS #2: 0232-8439-7395 3DS #3: 4699-8525-1379 3DS #4: 3884-0054-7530 Switch: SW-2874-9496-1397 Let me know if you add me, and which 3DS you added...
  12. Tiger21820

    What amiibos do you currently own?

    I have: Toon Link Marth Robin Ike Lucina Alm Celica Yoshi Zelda Daisy Olimar Toon Zelda Mario Luigi Bowser Bowser Jr. Yarn Poochy Dr. Mario Zero Suit Samus Pikachu Diddy Kong Total owned so far: 021 What about you? Got any really rare ones? GOT EVERY SINGLE ONE?
  13. Tiger21820

    Do you think Mario is going downhill like Sonic is?

    I don't actually think that, but what would your opinion be on the quality of Mario games today? Are they still what you expect of Mario since Super Mario Bros.? Look back at Sonic '06 (Never played it, but I don't want to :/ ) and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Ditto), they were awful. They...
  14. Tiger21820

    Do you consider the entry/amethyst passage and golden passage to be polar opposites, and related?

    I think an a way: yes, they are opposites, and have a relation. Entry/Amethyst passage: The beginning passage Has a boss you can never fight again after you defeat him (Always marked with an X on the portrait and icon on the file selection screen, door is permanently sealed after he is defeated...
  15. Tiger21820

    What is/are your favorite level(s) in Wario Land 4?

    For me, it could be -40 Below Fridge, because it is an ice level, and the music sounds really different after playing The Toxic Landfill. It's much calmer then the more intense TTL music and the song is quite lovely.(Especially the intro, I always save & quit over and over just to here that...
  16. Tiger21820

    What is your highest score of any level of Wario Land 4?

    What is the absolute highest score in any level, and what level and difficulty did you achieve it on? It can be any score may it be tool assisted or not! My best score EVER is 031590 in The Toxic Landfill on Super Hard Difficulty, with the aid of codebreaker codes! What about any of you? Any...
  17. Tiger21820

    Wario Land 4 Demo Code!

    Back on gaming reinvented, I posted a topic about the code that allows you to play the game demos that appear on the title screen when you wait long enough. I did post the code in another topic, but this is the topic dedicated to the code! I recorded some videos of me playing (some of) the...
  18. Tiger21820

    What is your favorite level in Wario Land 3?

    For me, E2 The Frigid Sea! Usually winter/ice themed levels are my favorite levels in video games, and this is no exception! Also... SNOWMAN WARIO!!! What is your favorite level in good ol' Wario Land 3, and why?
  19. Tiger21820

    Gameshark codes for Wario Land 3 & 4!

    I figured it is time to post these here, since they seemed to be a bit popular back on gaming reinvented, so here they are! All of these were made by me! Wario Land 3: Ground pound while crouched 010196CA There are other ways to use this too! Try combining this with "Have Effect of Rolling...
  20. Tiger21820

    Favorite reactions in the Wario Land games?

    For Wario Land 2, it would be Small Wario, because you can jump really high, and the music makes the whole thing hilarious! It's sad that it wasn't kept for Wario Land 3, making it the only Wario Land 2 reaction to be left out of said game... For Wario Land 3, SNOW! MAN!! WARIO!!! Snowman Wario...