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  1. Durdge-o

    Wario Land inspired game Slamhammer!

    I love the idea of what you've got going here, but I'm very skeptical (lots of vaporware in all of my previous communities). You should learn an engine and start work on a project first and get confident before you jump on this, because your art and concepts are very promising (although this is...
  2. Durdge-o

    3DS Thread

    My 3DS stopped being useful right as Smash Ultimate came out. I sold Smash 3DS and haven't touched my modded 3DS for much since. Back when Freeshop was still running, I did play through a game called "Sayonara Umihara Kawase" which is an incredibly hard platformer with a really unique gimmick...
  3. Durdge-o

    Fixing Wario Part 2: Stages & Music

    I didn't mean for it to come of as saying that his Japanese appearance is the "Fat Guy Trope", that's more of an American thing anyways. Just in general his Japanese appearance is much more jokey (you hear Wario's Japanese voice in gold? or just in general?). To further my point, here's the...
  4. Durdge-o

    Do you play WarioWare DIY?

    Warioware DIY was the first Warioware game I owned for myself and it helped me get into the Wario Land series by extension. It's a pretty fun game, has a lot of replay value (more so than the other games) and just overall it's just fun to work on your own microgames / comics / music. Although I...
  5. Durdge-o

    Fixing Wario Part 2: Stages & Music

    Gamer & Mini-game Hotel have some pretty unique gimmicks, the Mini-game Hotel especially. I think both of them should stay as they represent the Warioware series (which is a huge part of Wario's design currently). Wanting to have Wario represent his Wario Land appearances really seems off to me...
  6. Durdge-o

    How difficult should a Wario Land game be?

    I feel that Wario Land always had the "Sonic-esque" or "Execution > Difficulty" reward type. Learning how to play the game better allows you to retain more health, beat the level faster, and rack up a higher score. Putting time into the game also yields secret passages to speed up gameplay and...
  7. Durdge-o

    Did you sell your Wario games?

    I sold a bunch of Wii games at Gamestop and I really regret that, Gamestop gives jack all for your stuff. Plus those were some good games. (Excluding NSMB WII that game sucks)
  8. Durdge-o

    Best Level In Wario Land 4

    Wario Land 4's levels are honestly some of the best I've ever seen in platformers, taking some of the aspects from Sonic games about learning the levels in order to improve your play and having loads of nooks and crannies to promote exploration. So I can't really pin anything down, but I feel...
  9. Durdge-o

    [Poll] VR WarioWare: Yay or Nay?

    Cardboard + Fast Action Frenzies = Disaster Labo already is incredibly flimsy and is prone to breaking even with small things, imagine trying to play Microgames like that. I do think that we need another Wario World type game for the Switch or just another Wario Land: Shake It! but there really...