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  1. Commendedzuez09

    Waluigi fans getting into the Wario Land series?

    I've been seeing a lot of Waluigi fans begging for Waluigi to be included in a future Wario Land title, on Discord, Youtube, Twitter, etc. I've asked quite a few Waluigi fans I know (About 10ish) if they ever played a Wario Land game. The answer was no, which was kind of weird considering they...
  2. Commendedzuez09

    Wario's Special Shot in Mario Tennis Aces

    How do you guys feel about Wario's Special shot in this game? I thought it was nice to see Wario eat garlic and go full on Popeye, would be cool if he got horns like the original Wario Land game, when he eats the garlic.
  3. Commendedzuez09

    How do you feel about Dark Wario in Mario Tennis Aces?

    In Mario Tennis Aces story mode, we are getting Dark Luigi, Dark Wario, and Dark Waluigi. I hope they do wacky cut scenes with Wario and Waluigi like they used to do.