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  1. Jobless Music

    [Poll] The 'Atari Box' Thread

    Atari Box? What is that you say? Maybe this short video may give you an idea: Now that you've seen that little snippet, you are probably asking yourself many questions. Why is Atari making a console in 2017? What games will be available? When will we see a release? Scooby Doo, where are you...
  2. Jobless Music

    Official Wario Forums Steam Group

    Hi guys! 9-Volt gave us the idea to make a Steam Group for the forums! There, we'll be able to join others on our favorite games and start discussions! Join today! or search 'Wario Forums'
  3. Jobless Music

    [Poll] Rate your Nintendo Switch Games!

    Hi guys, from a scale of 1/10, how would you rate the Switch games in your library? You can add a description if you want to, but please add a spoiler button if you think it's a spoiler.
  4. Jobless Music

    [Upcoming Game] Nintendo wants us to make a game!

    Hi hi, yes yes. Nintendo and Daddy sakurai wants us to make a game, let's get going chop chop. Here's a video with more information bye bye a go-go
  5. Jobless Music

    [Poll] What are your Favorite Books?

    Hi, everyone! My question is: Which books have caught your eyes? Personally, My all time favorite book is The Game is Life by Terry Schott. I totally recommend you all read it! Also, my other favorite books are: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez...
  6. Jobless Music

    Looking for people to play Sim City (2013)

    Hi guys, I'm really lonely and I'd love it if someone could come and create a region on SimCity. Please and thank you :)
  7. Jobless Music

    [Fan Content] Jobless Tuber Music's OC

    Hi, everyone! I really don't know if this has been already made, so please forgive me! Anyway, this thread is for songs I've created all by myself from scratch! Please tell me your initial thoughts! This song, in particular, has no name as of yet. It's my own Pokemon Trainer Battle theme and I...
  8. Jobless Music

    [Poll] What's your Favorite Baseball Team?

    Presuming that there's a good portion of people here who like/watch baseball, I'd like to know your favorite teams! It doesn't have to be from Major League Baseball. Mine are the New York Mets, Aguilas Cibaeñas, and Seattle Mariners (just started liking them).
  9. Jobless Music

    Hi there Everyone!

    Super glad to be here! I've never actually played a Wario game (the last one being WarioWare for the GBA). I'd totally love to start playing some Wario games, so if you could recommend any games please do so! Anyway, I'm just a guy with an abnormal admiration for music. I seriously love music...