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  1. Crickzilla

    How would you rate the WarioWare Gold Commericals?

    Could be way too late, but I'll still ask. (I was busy the past weeks) With Cricket's trailer finally being released, all WarioWare commercials for employees have been wrapped up. Each video tells a brief recall of at least one part of their history in the games, (bar the Volts) Here's my...
  2. Crickzilla

    [Poll] Which WarioWare dude would you date?

    Someone suggested I should make a guys version of "What WarioWare character you'll date." because the one poll about dating girls isn't quite the poll for me (or probably any other girl) So if you're a girl or somewhat have a crush on one of the male characters, who would you date? Mine...
  3. Crickzilla

    Creativity of Crickzilla (Dead for now)

    Yup, I'm an artist. And since I got back to WarioWare, I drew fanart of the series. Especially my favorite character. Be warned that I have a creative mind! These and other pieces of art not related to Wario are also found on other sites under the name JacquIreBriggs.
  4. Crickzilla

    Introducing... Crickzilla

    That's right! I have joined the fourms! I have gotten into WarioWare back in like a year after Game and Wario got released, but then I kinda lost interest after a year. Then I suddenly got back to it when Gold's released and then remembered how much I liked Young Cricket (favorite) and Orbulon...