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  1. Bubba

    Would Wario Cause or Stop a Shooting/Bombing?

    I mean Wario isn't rude enough to do that but if he had no money... Know what he'd probably get his dragon had on and burn people for money if he was really broke and he had no other options. Shaking people? Wario has no respect for life. The Brawl cutscene where Wario turned Ness into a trophy...
  2. Bubba

    List of Every Spirit in Smash Bros. That Includes Wario But Isn't In the Series

    Same as my other post. Just here as a reference in case you just want to face Wario CPUs in Smash with different effects and get non-Wario related Spirits.
  3. Bubba

    Every Wario Related Spirit In World of Light (Smash Ultimate) List

    I'm leaving this as a placeholder or here in case someone else wants to do the work of listing every one. Also Ashley is a legend. Don't let anyone tell you differently.
  4. Bubba

    Meshed Episode "Movies" Discussion I'm not typing this up again...
  5. Bubba

    The Worst Movie Ever Review (but is this related to Wario enough?)

    We get it Wario should never be related to this but I feel this is what can teach a lot about how to make a good comedy with Wario or at least explain why it wouldn't work as a marketable option. But seriously this movie has stereotypes, poorly written humor from a cultural perspective, and the...
  6. Bubba

    Nerdy About Smash? Check out my up and coming Smash blog series.

    I know I was iffy on deciding whether or not I should make this a thread but seeing this community is like that anyways I would say this would fit the forums as well as the fans here nicely. I would really like some feedback and support in case you don't agree with it because everyone's...
  7. Bubba

    XDS is the Rumored Successor codenamed "NX"?

    It appears to be promising and it looks like it has a lot of new and very interesting features. Although this still could be in development and this is all fanmade trolling. I'm sold and I really want this to be real though, even though it's very likely I'll never be able to play a thing like...
  8. Bubba

    Wario Land 4 Debug Stage

    It looks really neat and is fairly big (for Wario Land standards not really). Maybe this room is supposed to have that strange beta music in it. I think it would be fitting.
  9. Bubba

    WL4- Is Mystic Lake Outside the Pyramid?

    Because it looks like what you see at the beginning and end game cutscenes and it also shows the pyramid in the background. Does the portal to Mystic Lake lead to a mirage or is there a lake right outside the pyramid it warps to? In that case Wario's intentions would be less about getting out of...
  10. Bubba

    The Dr. Mario/Luigi Thread

    This basic puzzle game was pretty fun to play on ye Ol' GBA in classic NES and Dr. Mario/ Puzzle League form. There seems to be more interest in the series the way Nintendo sees things imo since there's more new Dr. Mario games out/in development. Again I was unaware of remixes from the very...
  11. Bubba

    Unused Wario beta

    Just because I came across this F1-Race (an old GB game) beta from the first WW: And the GBC promotional demo is apparently a hack of WL2 and it has some pretty neat stuff...
  12. Bubba

    Think there'll be Wario themed blocks in Mario Maker?

    Any at all? Because officially the first Wario Land was called Super Mario Land 3. I'd like to see a few things like those floating spiky things that stay in a fixed position. Ramp pieces could be used the way Wario uses them to roll if you can change playable characters because you'd get tired...
  13. Bubba

    Wario What: Smooth Slams

    It's Jimmy T.'s Smooth Moves theme. I think because the music is kind of silly it fits the mood although personally I'd prefer it going along with the intro of Jimmy T.'s theme extended where it's sped up and gives a more electronic vibe.
  14. Bubba

    Lucas DLC Release Date Released!

    Lucas Date available: 06/14/2015 $3.99 $3.99 $4.99 They've added him to the home page and added a few new photos of him. Looks like they have a skin with a baby Drago on it, a skin that has the colors of Kumatora (or at least I think so with the blue striped shirt and red shorts), and they...
  15. Bubba

    Do You Think a Wario Game Has a Chance...

    ... To be in the Nintendo World Championships 2015? Is it challenging or unique enough to show up? I think Ware has a better chance than Land but either one seems unlikely.
  16. Bubba

    Wario Theories?

    There are a whole bunch of unexplained things in the Wario universe. Zombie Wario got a fork in his knee because the Cook from WL2 and 3 put it there (for not appearing in WL4?) The pictures in Wario's room in the first stage of WL2 are not of Wario but a relative of Wario. Wario has coins with...
  17. Bubba

    [Poll] Would you like more cutscenes (in the Land series)?

    I'm very sure almost all the Wario games (besides maybe the VB and the first Wario Land) had cutscenes in them. Cutscenes just add some nice personality to the game as well as Wario. It helps explain the story or whatever Wario does. Maybe Wario needs more of a story in general, like if he was...
  18. Bubba

    Is Wario the Japanese translation of a stereotypical American?

    No offence but that is what I'm thinking over. At least in a comical manner that tries not to be offensive. He's short and overweight. He likes to ride in his motorcycle and car. He's greedy, he eats a lot, he's not very bright. He eats garlic but only to parody Mario. He lifts weights/exercises...
  19. Bubba

    Did anyone go here? (Site in description)

    Back in the day I had dial-up and I or my brother was online we went to this site (or other GBA sites). I'm sure this isn't an official location on the Wario series. It's more Wario Land 4 promotion I think. I thought it was kinda neat having little minigames in...
  20. Bubba

    Should Today Be Some Official Wario Holiday?

    Preferably the Wario Land series because today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Pirates and Wario do go together right?