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  1. Ninja_Cat

    What if you had no technology for a week?

    If you couldn't access the internet or use your phone or play any video games or watch TV for a week, what would you do in those days? I'd probably walk a lot. Sounds strange maybe. Oh, and sleep. A lot. I'd probably socialize with people irl a bit more and learn a bit of Italian through a...
  2. Ninja_Cat

    What will this topic become?

    Find out soon.
  3. Ninja_Cat

    If you were a celebrity...

    What kind of celebrity would you be? I would love to be an actor for a tv show or a movie. I would like to play as the antagonist in a movie. If not that, then being a voice actor for a cartoon would also be pretty cool, especially if the character I did the voice for was goofy, like Homer Simpson.
  4. Ninja_Cat

    What do you love to drink?

    Simple topic. I sometimes love to drink green tea in the morning, although I've been drinking plenty of coffee lately. Gets me energetic and I love the taste of it. Water's nice too. I also like to enjoy a few beers usually twice a month and at social events. I used to drink cola a lot, but...
  5. Ninja_Cat


    Firstly, I wanna apologise because this is the second account I created. I was about to introduce myself with my first, but decided I really didn't like the username I chose, but now I'm happy with this one. So I've been looking for a new forum to join for a while now and while this place...