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  1. stupidface

    HOT: 'Wario Kart Crash' Memes on the Rise

    What once began as a one-off audio clip posted to blogging website TUMBLR... ...Has recently spiraled into an up-and-coming internet meme. Beginning on December 25th, several shocking videos depicting the world famous SUPER MARIO brother WARIO perishing in a horrific car accident have been...
  2. stupidface

    Ashley is the Krystal of the Wario fandom

    You know how Krystal from Star Fox got so popular with furfags that she kinda spun off into her own fandom of socially inept autists? that's pretty much the Ashley fandom. I wish they would take their """"""'"innocent""""""" publicized fetish somewhere else, they don't even care about wario or...