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  1. ucantbeme

    Remember this Wario Track?

    In Mario Kart 7, there is an often forgotten track called Wario Shipyard. To my knowledge, this was the last time Wario Land was acknowledged in a major new Nintendo game. Wario Ware Gold had two homage microgames, but honestly this feels like a bigger deal. The course takes place on a pirate...
  2. ucantbeme

    A Wario comic in the style of Super Mario Adventures?

    I like its combination of Wario lore.
  3. ucantbeme

    Happy new year from Wario Forums!

    Crossing my feengees for a new Wario Land game this decade!
  4. ucantbeme

    Pizza Tower - A Wario Land-Inspired Game in Development

    I've been following Pizza Tower for a while now, and I noticed that nothing came up when I searched it on these forums and I believe it is time to change that. Pizza Tower is inspired by the Wario Land games, (namely WL3 and 4) but it is still very much its own thing. I am currently backing...
  5. ucantbeme

    What's up with jewel pieces?

    Yeah, I had no real incentive to collect the CDs. I'm almost done with the game, but I was really hoping to see Wario ride back with some sort of giant jewel. Eh.
  6. ucantbeme

    What's up with jewel pieces?

    So I've been playing WL4 on my 3DS via the ambassador program lately and I really enjoy it. I think the timer mechanic is really interesting, and while I never actually run out, it always provides a good amount of stress. However, I do have one criticism that really hampers my enjoyment. To open...