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  1. Dumribble

    Is Rhythm Heaven "killing" WarioWare?

    As everyone knows, it's a successful series made by the same awesome dudes who made WarioWare. The games have a very similar premise to WarioWare, and the series's rise to glory coincides with WarioWare's decline... and as we know, Game&Wario drew strong influences from it. Are we gonna be like...
  2. Dumribble

    Wario Man never returned after his suspension.

    Do you guys think maybe he confused it for a banning? Or maybe he got angry due to being suspended, and decided to leave? I agree he was being rude in various topics, but he could learn, couldn't he? What do you say?
  3. Dumribble

    Signature size?

    I wonder if my new signature is too large and/or is disrupting the page view? Huh?: It may be too vertical. ^ This is the picture.
  4. Dumribble

    Why is Jimmy popular with the girls?

    I get it that he's a good dancer and his body is kinda athletic, but... his nose. And that afro wig! He strikes me as more of a a guy who's cool and goody at the same time and is admired by guys who like his style, than someone who is attractive to girls. Why do I wonder so much about these...
  5. Dumribble

    How do you feel about the English versions of the WarioWare songs?

    As everyone knows, the first WarioWare and its GCN port did not translate the songs from the original versions, which were in Japanese. However, as I expected (since the opposite was too good to be true), Nintendo of America sadly changed their policy throughout the subsequent games in the...
  6. Dumribble

    Why is Master Mantis popular with the girls?

    In case anyone doesn't know, this shocking revelation was made in his character profile from Game & Wario. But the question is, why? He's the type of character who is only admired by guys, in a non-attractive way, as in we're inspired by his skilled martial arts and wisdom. I can't see him as an...
  7. Dumribble

    Who else liked the story in Master of Disguise? *spoilers*

    I thought the game had more twists and turns than I expected! I was really certain that Tiaramisu was Carpaccio:: in disguise. trying to fool Wario and beat him to the Wishstone. I would never have thought he was actually being a good CEO instead of your typical greedy man in suit. And I also...
  8. Dumribble

    Wario in SM64 DS

    How do you feel about him in there? I unlocked him as soon as I could and used him wherever possible, even though he was a bad jumper (still got everything in Rainbow Ride with him!). I like how the Metal Cap was only for him (Metal Head Wario Can Move!). But I hated how Wario couldn't get into...
  9. Dumribble

    Do you think Orbulon can be trusted?

    This fun and likable character from WarioWare is known to be ambiguous when it comes to his true intentions. His profile in Game & Wario says that he should not be trusted, but he has shown himself to help the earthlings practice their IQ with his games. And...his Mega Party Game$ profile says...
  10. Dumribble

    Which minigames do you prefer? WL2 or WL3's?

    Most people prefer Land 2's treasure and number-guessing minigames to Land 3's golfing mini-game. But I thought that the latter is more fun! You just have to learn how to measure the distances, which are always the same. Unlike the difficult game that was GBC Mario Golf, there's no wind...
  11. Dumribble

    Why is the Carpaccio smiley in the "general" section instead of the Wario Land one?

    I know Carpaccio::'s game is technically not Wario Land as it doesn't have the "Wario Land" name on its title, but it's a Wario platformer where you find treasures and have a lot of powers... I think that for all purposes and reasons it should be under the WL section. Not trying to nitpick...
  12. Dumribble

    What made you love Wario?

    To the point of joining a Wario forum? There are many interesting Nintendo series that capture fans, but we chose to have Wario either as our favorite series, or one of them. What attracted you to Wario in general? Back in the Land days, I liked Wario and loved playing his games, but I liked...
  13. Dumribble

    Still angry about Syrup in Shake It! *spoilers*

    I thoroughly enjoyed the game, but I thought that ending where we're forced to see her run with all of Wario's hard-earned loot is really, really bad. It's not funny, and it makes Wario sound like some silly cartoon villain who is to be laughed at. That, and Wario has always shown to be superior...
  14. Dumribble

    Hey hey

    I've seen many Wario sites that sadly ended up disappearing, but I don't recall a forum dedicated entirely to everyone's favorite treasure hunter and CEO. Hope we have fun talking about my favorite gaming series (both Land and Ware).